11 Ways To Create Social Media Buzz For Your Next Event

Are you planning a social event? If that is the case, then what could be a better way to create buzz about it than to do it via one of the social media websites. While these are a good tool for setting up personal events, they are also extremely useful for marketers. They are a great asset for promotion, and can be further shared to get more people to come. Here are some of the best ways that you can make use of social media to draw people to your event.

Use hashtags

Your posts and descriptions should all contain hashtags that are relevant to the event. This makes it possible for you to reach an even greater audience. If you can’t come up with a hashtag on your own, you can make use of a tool such as Sprout Social which will provide you with a report on all the hashtags and keywords that are related to your industry. However, the best idea is to think of an original hashtag. If you make one up on your own, it will be useful later, for people who come to the event to use them when sharing posts and photos. It is also important to have coined hashtags before the event, event at the early stages of planning the event for the so-called pre-registration. The suggestion is to stick to only one, at maximum two hashtags – by limiting the choice you’re actually doing a better and more focused event branding.


Optimize your event sharing

It is essential that you have a posting strategy when it comes to your event. You can use a social media automation tool that will post according to a schedule, and it will focus on the times when most people are on the network. However, this doesn’t actually optimize your organic reach. You have to make sure that you share your event during the moments when the crowd isn’t that big as well. On Facebook, you can do more than just share the event – you can share your entire event calendar, which will draw people to subscribe.

Use the power of co-hosts and guests

In case you aren’t organizing the event alone a clever idea to get bigger exposure of your event is to tag the co-hosts, guests, performers, even the venue of the event. By adding them to the event admin list you can rest assured that all the interested audience is being notified about the event. Moreover, they can add the event to their calendar which is another great way of gaining the exposure.

Be creative about your reveals

One of the main factors of creating a buzz is anticipation. People like getting excited about upcoming events. You can be creative about your reveals of guests and lineups, or make use of teaser videos and images that will make people curious about what they can expect. One of the great ways to do this is to post a countdown to the event. This is a great solution for you to increase excitement. Implement great images to encourage people to share it.

Make full use of Facebook’s event feature

Facebook’s event feature is a great tool that you need to make full use of. You can create a page just for your event, and invite your followers to come. Make sure that you answer the important questions in your description box – Who? What? Why? When? Where? This is where you should throw in your hashtag too. If there is a particular logo or image related to the event, include it in the page’s cover photo. If it is not a virtual event, make sure that the event page has the directions to where it is going to be held. Next to Facebook it’s also a good idea to create pages on sites such as Upcoming and Eventbrite.

Reap the benefits of giveaways

There is a number of people that aren’t sure if they can attend your event and have the fear of missing out. You can cater to them by providing them with special opportunities. If they are following you via social media sites, offer them discounts. You can also come up with social contests for tickets or personalized items. You can go a long way with a VIP access giveaway. A great tip is to make people qualify for giveaways by sharing your event. This is the perfect way to further your reach. Other options include photo contests, questions, different vote contests…

Maintain engagement

According to the new Facebook live-search algorithm news feed will feature only the most engaging and relevant stories chosen from thousands of them. If you want your event to stand out and appear in the news feed section, the last thing you want is your event to be static. Commit to posting regularly and updating it with photos, information, contests, the introduction of the guests, comments from last event’s participants if applicable. Get your audience buzzing by asking them questions and announcing giveaways.

Use QR codes to your advantage

A really interesting feature that Facebook released a couple of years ago is QR codes for events. By creating a custom-made QR code for your event your attendees will feel special and be a part of a happening that not everyone has the access to. The secret behind a QR code is that once you scan it your mobile phone browser takes you to a unique URL – the one not accessible to the public eye. This is a great trick to do since your attendees will feel like they’re being treated to a VIP pass for the event. Creating a QR code is being done on the event page, and from there you can embed it in all of the printing promo material and also send it to your target audience notifying them of the private concept of this invitation.

Create a perfect background for event photos

People are going to be taking a lot of photos during your event that they will want to share with their friends on their social media networks. You need to provide them with a good background where they can do this. A great way is to make use of high-quality media wall, which will give their photos a theme. If you offer small gifts for those who upload the photos from the event with a pre-coined hashtag, you can quite easily make a huge unofficial portfolio of the event, which is easily shareable and handy to use for the next event promotions. Another idea is to create a live stream of all the tweets and other posts attendees are making on the screen and that way give them a chance to be famous at least for a couple of minutes. Honestly, who wouldn’t like this?

Promote the venue

There are different ways promoting a venue can help you advertise your event, so we’ll list a few. First of all, by tagging the venue as a co-host you’re gaining the exposure among the followers of their social media page. Another idea is to encourage the attendants to check in on Foursquare or another geo-location app. You can do this by offering discounts for purchasing tickets for the next event, personalized gifts. Before rushing into promoting the venue, experts behind the furniture removalist Sydney-based service suggest you take care of a couple of important aspects: does it fit the audience, does it have the chairs and tables you can use and this way save a lot of money, and also is it offering AV equipment.

Summarize the event

After the event is over, summarize the entire experience in a rich blog post. Mention all the highlights and important moments, discuss what has been accomplished or learned, and share photos and videos. Make sure that you thank all your attendees, and again, use all your social media pages to share your blog and let people know why they ought to anticipate your next social event.

Final words

Preparing for and holding a social event is only one part of the deal. A lot of discussion about the event comes afterward. Press media coverage of the event is important for you, as it is an opportunity for to talk about your accomplishments. Reach out to journalists and make sure that they are at your event, so that they can have their own experience and a story to tell about it.