4 Essential Gadgets for Regular Travelers

The greatest thing about progress is the fact that it leaves no stone unturned. This means today even the notion of travelling overseas could get significantly improved, provided you have the right gadgets by your side. Some of these devices are there to make an unpleasant aspect of your trip more bearable, others to make the overall trip more enjoyable, while there are some that can help you get around the target destination with greater ease. Here are four of them.

4 Essential Gadgets for Regular Travelers1

1. Your smartphone

Although smartphones may seem a bit obvious suggestion, given that in 2017 no one even leaves their home without their phone, it is not about the gadget itself, but about how you use it that counts. You see, what you need is a good set of travel apps.

First of all, you need Yelp to tell you all you need to know about local businesses, Google Maps to help you get around the town, but you also need some additional apps as well. For instance, you could benefit from a good translation app, not so much for a conversation, but for interpreting a street (or a bar) sign that is written in a local language.

If you are traveling for business, you might also want to download an app that will track all of your expenses and make sure you are not spending more than the budget your company set for you.

Finally, you probably want to take an app that will help you convert local prices into your own currency, even though this is something you can do through Google, as well.

2. Quality headphones

The next thing you probably need on your travels is a pair of high-end noise cancelling headphones. The flight to your target destination can be quite tiresome, especially if the person behind you snores, talks very loudly or travels with a particularly unruly toddler. Seeing how there are so many things you intend to do once you reach your destination, you might want to get some rest during the flight, which would be impossible in the aforementioned scenario. This is where quality headphones come in handy. With them, you can enjoy your favorite music, listen to an audiobook or even play a relaxing melody that will help you fall asleep quite easily.

4 Essential Gadgets for Regular Travelers2

3.  Adequate camera

While you may believe that your phone’s camera is powerful enough to capture some lasting mementos on this trip, this usually isn’t the case. You see, some of the most beautiful landmarks all over the world need to be captured with a professional camera, although their prices may come off as bit steep. Additionally, if you plan to take a trip by car (at least a part of the way), it might also be a good idea to look for a good Go-Pro camera. In this way, you get to record a large part of the way, which is both great for editing lasting memories out of the recording and as a safety measure. Whatever happens on the road, you will have it recorded.

4. Luggage GPS

Finally, some people always tend to lose their luggage. Needless to say, this can be particularly dangerous since some of the more important belongings you brought along may be stuck there. Luckily, this problem is easily solved by purchasing a luggage GPS. This tiny device is about the size of your wallet and can be tracked by the app on your smartphone (another app to add to the list). In this way, you will know the exact whereabouts of your luggage, which on its own may be quite reassuring.


While you might have already had some of these items on your traveling list, like smartphone and headphones, it is the way you use these items that can make all the difference. You see, without proper apps, your smartphone won’t be nearly as useful as it would be with them. Without a noise reduction feature, your headphones would increase the tension rather than reduce it. As for the camera, it is perhaps the most optional of all the entries on the list. One thing is certain, a luggage GPS is always a good thing to have (even for non-travelers).