4 Hacks for Faster Implementation of Business Projects

Measuring is an important feature of every modern business. Tracking your customers and their habits, creating financial reports and calculations and predicting your growth rate are all extremely useful strategies for improving your business performances. And then there’s time –the most precious resource for every single entrepreneur. When a business owner adapts time to their needs, they can expect only positive business figures and steady growth. Here’s how you can improve your time management and finish your business projects faster than before.


Pre-project estimate

Many new business owners don’t estimate well the time they need to finish a project. Because of that, they accept much more than they can cope with, which inevitably leads either to postponements of deadlines or to work burnout. A study published by the Harvard Business Review shows that working too much usually results in lower productivity, poor revenue and enormous stress.

Therefore, a business owner who wants to work regular hours and finish their projects on time should perform a pre-project estimate. So, sit down with your employees, managers and team leaders to make the right decision for every project you want to work on. It will help you manage your time more successfully and set some realistic objectives. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to provide your client(s) with the exact information on the time needed to finish their projects.

 Proper workforce for the workload

Simultaneously with the previous action, you have to form a team of workers who’ll be able to deal with the accepted workload. In line with that, talk to your team leaders, to check if you have the workforce needed for the given project. If necessary, spice things up and let some of the employees switch their teams. When done at the beginning of a new project, those changes might bring some fresh blood into your business, leading to more creative ideas and higher work efficiency.

Furthermore, start thinking about other options you can use to increase the number of employees, at least on a temporary basis. Solutions like hiring part-time workers or outsourcing some of the services should also be taken into consideration. As for the latter, work only viatrusted freelancer platforms and hire professionals with highest ratings and respectable portfolios. Of course, their services will cost a bit more, but you’ll finish your projects on time, as well.

Work organization

Even when you have as many workers as you need for a project, it will mean nothing if you fail to efficiently organize the work process. The following steps will help you improve the management of your staff.Firstly, contact your team leaders and see if they need any personnel transfers at the beginning of the project. Secondly, equip them with proper internal communication tools, such as an internal network. The information provided on this link will help you implement these solutions.

Thirdly, offer your employees some work freedom. It’s a trend everybody uses these days and, more importantly, it’s beneficial for numerous businesses. The general idea behind it is that workers are more creative when they have more freedom in organizing their work hours.


The power of negotiations

Working on the Web requires a high level of flexibility. This means that every individual and business participating in the online business race should always be ready to adapt their goals to the current situation. One of the essential features here is to learn how to negotiate the payment conditionsin advance. For instance, you’ll have to put on an assertive mask when closing business deals online, even if you’re not such a person. There’s always room for negotiations and every businessperson knows that. Still, never underestimate your client and always emphasize the advantages they’ll get from all the services you’ll perform for them.

Moreover, be ready to adapt your rates when you come across a reliable client you’d like to keep. Sometimes it’s wiser to start with lower rates as a gesture of goodwill.As time goes by and the client realizes how good you are, you can gradually change your rates.

The calculation is quite simple – if you’re a skillful negotiator and a well-organized manager, you’ll be able to perform a larger number of tasks per unit of time. In return, this will bring increased workload to your company, resulting in more work hours and better payments. Finally, your employees will be more satisfied with the way you handle business projects. All those benefits will improve your work performance and lead to faster development of your enterprise.


 Author Bio

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.