5 Best VPN For Google Chrome

After the creation of OS based Virtual Private Networks, came the simplistic style of Chrome VPN extensions. With these simplified versions, you are able to have less of a system slowdown and still be able to break those pesky administrative restrictions. Today we will talk about the top 5 VPN’s available for your Google Chrome extension collection.


As one of the oldest and highest rated VPN’s for Google Chrome this extension packs a punch. It was one of the first to not need an operating system to run (Windows, Linux, and Mac) and has servers in a total of five countries to help keep stable connections. With this many available server locations, you are bound to never get the same IP twice in a row. The company opened up shop back in 2013, and since raised a total of 3 million active followers.  If you are looking for something that has a simple UI and has great reviews, this is the VPN for you.



This extension boasts about its powerful Wi-Fi hacker protection and the ability to make you anonymous to the world with its one-touch feature. This VPN is highly recommended when surfing unsecured networks, like the ones you usually find at libraries and local restaurants. DOT VPN can give you the comfort you are looking for if you are a beginner to the world of virtual private networks.


Gom VPN contains the one-touch feature most users have grown to love, they also state it’s “A Technologically illiterate solution” for every level of user. Being about as simplified as a program can get, you can only agree with such remarks. One of the stand out features for this program is its one account fits all type deal that it has. Let’s say you create an account for your Android device, you may now use the same account from the Chrome extension.  So far, all the supported programs are Android, Chrome, and Firefox.

Cyberghost VPN

With its superior operating system counterpart they decided to take an easy access extension route. The simplified version can protect your connection with a solid 256-bit AES connection. This extension has a little ways to go before being able to compete in an already dominated market. Currently, it contains a little over 30,000 active users but it is growing steadily every day.

Hola Better Internet Engine

Hola claims to be fully free forever and will never change its mind; the extension can provide access to blocked content such as country censored content and administrative blocked sites with a push of a button. This is a great tool to use if you are abroad, and you miss watching your favorite online entertainment sites, like Netflix and Hulu.

These tools are great and should be used correctly, whether it is for security or entertainment. For a more extensive list of VPNs, check out this article by Secure Thoughts. They’ve reviewed many, many other VPN companies that provide the service. You’ll be able to select the best service for all of your devices.