5 Businesses That Love Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are often the lifeblood of how businesses explain and communicate their brand, values or products and services effectively with customers. Yet many entrepreneurs can find it difficult or even impossible to explain these aspects with a traditional video. Add to this the high production costs of ‘real life’ videos and it isn’t hard to see why many businesses favour an animated explainer video as a method of communication.

In this article we take a look at 5 types of businesses that commonly use and benefit from animated videos.


Banks of the world

Explainer videos really come into their own when applied to situations that are complicated to explain without some abstract application. One good example of this is this explainer video from HSBC. Here they use animation to explain why they are requiring further details from business owners in a bid to eradicate money laundering or criminal activity.

It is unlikely that HSBC could communicate this as effectively if they were just to use a ‘talking head’ or similar method to stress the seriousness of the matter. The explainer animation also allows them to dive into deeper detail with animated representation of the various elements contained in the video script such as the normal business owner and the dubious money launderer.


Fun funding

Another example where animated explainer videos can help businesses by explaining the abstract is with crowdfunding campaigns. The fundamental purpose of crowdfunding organisations such as Kickstarter is to raise funds for a business concept. Although often mock-ups of products are created, showing how these concepts work, in the real world can be tricky when you are just starting out.

Using an explainer allows you to show exactly how you intend to use or apply your idea in day-to-day life all without the ridiculous production costs of hiring actors and editing film. Another key benefit to using animation for this purpose is the ability to add some humour and colour to your campaign. At this stage this is very important, as a crowded market of start-ups are all trying to grab the attention of potential investors.

One good example of how animation has been used to explain a concept for crowdfunding is this this pair of artists explaining their Cutie Corps idea.

Not so boring

When you run a business that is seen by most of your customers as essential or even boring it can be tough to convey important messages in an engaging way that is both going to get people interested in your business and inform them in a way that they will remember.

Take for example money; unless you are an accountant, it is unlikely you care too much about the movement of money. Yet the majority of those reading this article will be well aware of PayPal and the role they play in the safe transfer of cash between buyers and sellers on the Internet. So how have they made themselves so well known in a space that is considered very dry?

Amongst other marketing campaigns, PayPal uses animated explainers to highlight both the functionality and importance of using a secure system to move money on the Internet. Using animation turns what could easily be a very dull video into something that is easy to understand and very exciting. You can see an example of this by watching this animated explainer.

A worthy cause

Charities are created to remedy the injustices in the world and as a result deal with some very sensitive issues. Communicating these can be a challenge especially when they are not physically visible in day-to-day life but instead one that can either affect the mental or financial wellbeing of individuals. In these cases using an animated explainer video can show how these issues impact the world in a concise manner.

One good example is this animated explainer video from UK based housing charity Shelter. The video outlines the issues that are faced by renters in the UK and how the charity is acting to help put a stop to rogue or unfair landlords. This would be very awkward to convey without the use of explanative animation.

Complex to simple

Sometimes businesses, especially those in the technology space, are creating highly technical and complex products or services that can be near impossible to detail. When these solutions are scientific and developed in labs it can add an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to effectively introducing into the process and benefits. Using animation can simplify a complicated solution and portray it more easily to those that are interested.

Shell used this method to explain the process and benefits of their Luta Helix Oil.

As we can see cooperating with an animation studio and developing a professional explainer tailored to your needs is popular in many different spaces. From fun crowdfunding campaigns, turning potentially difficult to understand subjects into something entertaining and interesting, communicating serious messages from charities to simplifying the highly technical information. Animation is an encompassing tool to get your mission and vision across.

Applying animation can create a new level of engagement and understanding for viewers that often cannot be achieved through usual methods of video production.