5 Features of Effective Email Newsletters

What makes a good newsletter? Is it the design? The content? The time of the day you send it?

As someone who has worked in the industry for many years, here is what my experience and observations have taught me.

Here are my top 5 features of an effective newsletter.

1 Offer Value

This has to be the ultimate goal of every email newsletter you send. You have to give the receiver a reason to open your message, read it and possibly take another action after that (click on a link, share on social media etc.). After all, isn’t valuable content, the main reason why people have subscribed to your newsletters in the first place?

A few things of value you can offer to your subscribers:

A discount

An exclusive piece of content

Industry news or updates

News and updates on your company, your brand, your product

Think about what you can offer the receivers of your email newsletter that will make people want to open your messages every week.



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2 Leverage New or Evergreen Content

You’ve written a new blog post or an amazing article? Make sure to share it with the people on your newsletter ist! Keeping your readers in the loop with your most recent content pieces has never been easier. If your list is properly segmented (and it should be!), you should have no trouble matching the right content with the right audience. Keep it fresh and useful by providing summaries to all your latest blog posts and content offers.

3 Ace the Subject Line

If you have a good pre-existing relationship with the receiver of your newsletter, they will always open your communications. For people who are fairly new to your company and its communications, the subject line may be the difference between your newsletter being opened and read, and it being deleted.

Here is a great post we’ve written that will help you: How to Write Good Email Subject Lines The Essential Guide to Getting your Emails Opened and Read

 4 Personalize

Always try to personalize your email newsletters. With InTouch you can easily personalize communications by including the %FirstName% tag, that will pull the receiver’s name. You can include this tag in the email body as well as the subject line.

5 Don’t Overdo It

Newsletters can be a bit cluttered and all over the place. Too many people simply try to cram in one too many ideas. Keep it simple. Only convey one to two ideas/messages per newsletter. If you have more to say, maybe send another email a few days later, but never overdo it.

In the words of Leonardo DaVinci: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

I hope these 5 principles will help you next time you write an email newsletter.

Go ahead and give them a go and don’t forget to let me know how you get on!