5 Tech-Savvy Workplace Productivity Boosts You Should Consider

The difference between average entrepreneurs and top-dogs of any industry lies in the fact that the latter don’t take any metric for granted. Your productivity may be quite modest at the moment, yet, hiring more people or waiting for your employees to acquire more experience are not your only two options. With a proper use of technology (in different forms), you can do plenty to boost your workplace productivity. Sometimes, it’s about getting additional equipment, at other times, the key lies in turning towards a new trend. Here are five simple suggestions.

1. Dual monitors

At this moment, prices of monitors are at their all-time-low, which means that you should seriously consider outfitting all your employees with one extra monitor. Of course, we’re not suggesting that everyone at the office gets a 26-inch full HD smart TV but you could simply get a low-cost monitor that your staff can use. Alt-tabbing isn’t that complex of a task, yet, it can be incredibly distracting. For designers, this can usher a whole new era of drag and drop, to programmers, it can create a much simpler work environment, while copywriters benefit from looking at the source material while writing. All in all, dual monitors are an efficient trend that you could utilize to your own benefit. Of course, there’s no reason why you should stop at two.

2. Noise canceling headphones

Perks of working in an office are many but so are the downsides. Most notably, a lot of people have a hard time coping with the noise that comes from all around. Even though they are left with no other choice than to endure it, they end up more stressed out and less focused on the task at hand. As the end result, they either start looking for a friendlier work environment or start showing less impressive results in their day-to-day tasks. Luckily, by investing in noise-canceling headphones for your office, you stand a chance to rectify this at a low cost. Sure, peripherals get broken, which means that you will eventually have to replace them, however, when going for quality brands, you can hope for a much better ROI.

3. Automatic transcription

The problem with collecting vast amounts of data lies in the issue of storing it. Keeping audio recordings of all your meetings and customer interactions requires insane amounts of space, yet, this is more than necessary if you are to learn from your previous encounters. Instead, you can turn towards transcription services online and turn all of this data into textual format. In this way, you won’t ever have to worry about having enough space, especially if you’re using cloud storage as your tool of choice. Aside from transcription, most of these platforms offer captioning services, as well, which makes your job of orientation much easier.

4. Collaboration tools

The issue of collaboration tools is often underestimated due to the fact that people assume this is something exclusively used by remote workers. In reality, however, collaboration tools can be equally as efficient in an office, as well. Why walk all the way to the other side of the office with a USB drive in your hand when you can just drag it onto a comment box and upload it for a colleague to use? Unlike Dropbox, most collaboration tools operate with to-do lists and comment sections, which allows you to write a short remark, instead of yelling across the office floor and distracting people on other projects.

5. Emails instead of meetings

Finally, this is probably the strangest and least anticipated of all tech-savvy upgrades, yet, you need to find a way to cope with this particular problem. The issue in question is the fact that an average office worker spends about 31 hours every month in various meetings, most of which are completely unnecessary. Sure, a brainstorming session should be done in person but most of these meetings can be cut much shorter. As for simple announcements (unless it’s something major), they can be sent as a memo in a circular email. In this way, you get to save time, which is life-saving, seeing as how time management and productivity go hand in hand.

In conclusion

As you can see, the list above contains hardware and software improvements alike, as well as some changes in general doctrine (emails instead of meetings). These five trends don’t just improve results but also boost the overall work-friendliness of your entire office. To make a long story short, the above-listed tech-savvy productivity boosts are also steps in the right direction, when it comes to your company culture.


Author Bio

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.