6 Most Brilliant Smart Home Automation Devices Right Now

Smart homes were once a staple in science fiction movies. Now they’re pretty much a reality. Interestingly enough many ideas which bring high tech to home design have actually been inspired by science fiction. These devices found their place in the home security industry, since every device can be connected to a phone and home safety has been on most minds lately.

Here’s a list of gadgets that could improve your life in ways you could only imagine. And they’re also pretty cool to have around and show your friends.

Remote home control

Refrigerator that can buy its own groceries

Looking through the fridge to see what groceries you’ve run out or you’ll run out of soon is definitely one of the most boring chores. So is making shopping lists (especially if you’re one of those people who always forget something). The refrigerator of the future will take care of that for you. It can scan itself for labels and barcodes and create a list for you. The list is easily sent to your phone or you can just order the items to be delivered.  It also can help when you’re in the store and don’t know what items you have left- your fridge can send you the answer right away.


This one is pretty simple – it works like an ordinary padlock. It can be used to lock whatever possessions you think are worth keeping safe. But instead of keys it uses a Bluetooth connection to your phone, so only you can open it by holding your phone next to it. (Or you can authorize others to do that using the app). Hairpins are useless here.

Child friendly electric outlets

When you get a kid, safety becomes your first priority. Childproofing every electrical socket in the house, takes a lot of work and it’s not really convenient because you have to remove the fixtures when you want to use the outlets. And then a child can just come and pull out the cable (toddlers are remarkably fast and willing to explore). Naturally, there is a high tech solution for this problem. Smart outlets can detect a difference between a plug using electricity and a kids finger or a piece of metal that someone shoved in the socket. Problem solved.

Garage safety

Modern technology can help you protect your garage from unwanted guests or burglars better than any alarm system could and it can also prevent benign friendly encounters with your garage from becoming a source of confusion (which often happens with motion sensors and such). New automatic gate openers let you open your gate by tapping your phone even if you’re half way around the world on vacation. It also provides you with monitoring capabilities so you can easily distinguish between an intruder and a neighbor coming to borrow your lawn mower.


Self cleaning floors

Mops and vacuum cleaners are things of past. Or at least they’ve changed so much you can’t even call them that anymore. There are two ways you can clean your new futurist house and both are fully automated.  The first one is to make your floors one big vacuum cleaner by pressing a button. The same goes for your kitchen tiles being equipped with water jets and blow dryers. The second option is to have a remote control vacuum cleaner that uses motion sensors to go around the house and clean while you watch TV. Both of these sound better than doing chores.

Bathrooms are better than a trip to doctor

All experts agree the regular check- ups are the best way to stay healthy, but they take time. Most of it is wasted on driving to the doctor’s office and waiting in line. Luckily most of the things necessary for a check- up can be found in your bathroom. Automated devices can collect your urine or saliva samples,  analyze them and send the results to your doctors. Afterwards, the doctor can send the results to your phone or email or you can go for a visit if there’s a reason for it. The results can also be used to modify your diet accordingly (this information can be sent to your fridge so nothing gets left out).

Living in the future can start right away!