6 Reasons Why Smartphones Are Beating Laptops And Tablets In The Gadget Race

Smartphones sell more than laptops and tablets. They can do everything that a laptop or tablet can do while being compact in size. With their features getting better day-by-day such as powerful camera, better sound system, easy navigation, etc., people are choosing to invest in high-end smartphones rather than laptops or tablets. It goes without saying that a smartphone is a must have and with options to buy smartphones on EMI without a credit card, there’s not much to think about.

Here are 6 reasons why smartphones are winning the competition.

– More Apps

When the tablets were first launched, they promised made-for-tablet apps that would be specially designed to take advantage of the device’s bigger screen size. However, this turned out to be a case of over-promising and under-delivering. While the tablets were still developing the apps, the smartphone market took over. Compared to a few hundred million tablet users, there are nearly two billion smartphone owners, thus causing a mismatch in the market. This means that the best apps, games and content turn up on the screen of a phone more rather than that of a tablet. Since the screen size of the smartphone has also increased tremendously in the past few years, people prefer using the apps on the phone rather than the tablet which feels rather chunky.

– Better Battery Life

The average battery life in smartphones has nearly doubled over the last five years whereas the tablet’s battery lasts just a few hours. From a technical perspective, it makes sense as it takes a lot more battery power to keep those tablet screens running. Better battery life means that you can use your smartphone for a longer period of time and work more efficiently.

– Ideal for Reading

A few years back, you could either read on 10-inch tablets or 3.5-inch smartphones. Since the latter was quite inconvenient, the tablet was an obvious choice. Fast forward a few years and the average screen size of the smartphone has gone up from 3.5 inches to 5.2 inches. While it is just a 50% increase in diagonal, it proved to be a game changer for all those who love reading as it translates to nearly twice the screen area. Even a small increase in the diagonal size can nearly double the total display area. Considering some of the most popular e-readers have a 6-inch screen, the smartphone is not far behind but it has definitely relieved the tablet of its reading duties.

– Easy Access to Social Media

Social media is just a click away on a smartphone. You can instantly share updates, pictures and videos. You can even download the apps to retouch or edit these pictures before sending them. You can download various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc., and use them on the go. Additionally, smartphones allow you to do voice chat and video calls from any location. Lastly, you can even blog through the various apps. If you have an idea for a blog post, just type it out and hit the publish button on the phone.

– Fast and Effective Connectivity

Let us go back to the basics — the very task of a mobile phone is to connect people. A mobile phone was supposed to make calling and texting easier. However, smartphones have decided to go one step further and is allowing you to do much more than just calling and texting. Internet connections through Wi-Fi, hotspot or 3G (4G in some places and 5G coming in the near future), have allowed your phone to work as a map (GPS), compass, weather expert, etc., with just a few clicks. You can even buy a mobile on EMI without credit card, thus you have no excuse not to have the best smartphone in your hands.

– Ability to Multitask

Smartphones are gaining popularity as compared to tablets and laptops due to the fact that they can operate almost any task that you would traditionally need do from a bigger device. You can take pictures, surf the internet, send emails, make complete office presentations and documents through your smartphone. What’s more — you can use your smartphone for entertainment too. Play games, watch videos, listen to music or read in your free time. It can do all the heavy duty stuff without being heavy at all, in a literal sense.

If you are confused about which are the best phones to buy, look for the features they offer in the price range suitable to you. Compare the prices online and choose the best deal you get.



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Dev Bhatt is the head of digital marketing at OnlyMobiles.com. And a tech enthusiast who loves to share his reviews and insights to help readers make informed decisions whether they want to buy mobiles on EMI without credit cards or explore the features of latest smartphone models.