A Secret To Awesome Presentations Using Free PowerPoint Templates

If you want to get ahead in your presentations, then you would need unique, eye-catching, and memorable slideshows. And while Microsoft PowerPoint already has templates built into its program, these can get old so soon. Besides, many in your audience may have already used a couple or more of these templates.

What you need for your presentation to really look sleek and stunning are templates that are unique, creative, high-quality and professional. These templates allow you to put together great-looking presentations all the time without spending a lot of money, manpower, and resources that are better spent on your core competencies.

With the help of free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates that are widely available online, you can easily and even quickly create professional looking slideshows to wow your audience and effectively drive your point across.


Create Professional Presentations with High-Quality PowerPoint Templates

If you’re looking for great-looking templates for PowerPoint presentations, there’s one trusted resource that provides these—and more—for free. And that is, Free PowerPoint Templates also known as FPPT.com.

FPPT.com has been around for a very long time and is one of the leading sites that offer a very diverse selection of PowerPoint templates. As of now, it has a total of over 10,000 templates, backgrounds, and designs. The site still continues to grow its collection, updating it on a regular basis with professionally designed presentations that are carefully selected to match the needs of the market.


Best of all, FPPT templates are free. This means you can get unlimited, premium-quality templates without spending a dime. This is great because many professionals even hire other professionals to do their templates for them. FPPT can save you a ton of money in the long run because there’s no need to subscribe to anything or even pay for templates as you download them, which is often the case with other portals.

With FPPT, you can search for your desired template on the highly visible search bar, or go over the dozens of categories right off on the homepage. Whatever topic or theme you are looking for, you can be sure that FPPT will give you two or more templates to choose from.


Put Together Stunning Presentations Customized for Your Brand

FPPT makes it easy for you to choose the perfect template for any presentation need because each template comes with a review to guide you as you choose. These reviews show you the beautiful features and topic suggestions that goes great with the design. The best PowerPoint templates section has a very interesting collection of templates and presentation themes that you can pick for your personal or commercial slide deck, all these are free. You can also see in the reviews section of the template package, so you have a preview of what your own presentation will look like using the template.

And since FPPT templates are created and designed specifically for PowerPoint, you don’t need any other program or software in order to customize it. This means you can download your desired template as a PowerPoint file and open it straight into PowerPoint.


Then, you can customize the templates using PowerPoint’s design and formatting features. You can go to the different tabs, such as Design, Format and Insert tabs. In the Insert tab, you can add SmartArt and other visuals, such as images and even videos, to your slides to make them more interesting. In this tab, you can also insert new slides using none other than the New Slide option. This option generates a wide range of slide layouts for you to choose from. This allows you to add variety of looks to your slides so that your slide will not look boring and yet still maintain the same theme.

In the Design tab, you can choose themes and slide variants to choose a range of color schemes and quick styles that match your own theme and topic. You can also format the background, which means you can change the background of the template. You can add a solid color, gradients, patterns, and images to your slides.

With all these customization options, you will not run out of ways to express not just your theme styles but also your brand and personality.


Remotely Work with Your Team Online

With FPPT’s templates compatible with PowerPoint, you can also easily upload your templates online to OneDrive. From here, you can easily access your slideshows using any other devices or computers, making it convenient if you’re travelling. Without being pinned down on your desk all the time, you can find it very easy to create slideshows and even easily continue where you left off every time without having to bring in your files wherever you go. Furthermore, you can work with your team on any presentation project because OneDrive easily allows you to share a link with remote team members. This means you can also see the updates as they happen even if you’re far away from each other. Then, once done, you can just publish or share your complete presentation right online.


Get started with your own amazing PowerPoint presentations by going to FPPT.