All about Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – Specs, Features, and Launch Date

Samsung is a Korean Giant which is into a number of businesses. It is accountable for the half of the GDP of Korea and has its foray into electronics and communication. But in India it is best known for its mobile handsets and it has toppled over Nokia to come on to the first position in selling of Handsets. It makes Android based phones and its phones get sold like hot cakes in India and abroad. It has made its brand presence worldwide and people also know it for television, fridge, AC, and now Smartphones, which are in huge demand.

Rivalry in the cell phone industry is expanding step by step. Organizations are attempting to build up hold over the cell phone market. While Samsung is the pioneer nowadays, the late launch in the Note Series was Galaxy Note 4. It was released a while prior by the monster cell phone maker Samsung. The cell phone was a win to the organization to a substantial degree and everybody preferred it much. After that, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is touted to be released and there is a considerable measure of time for its arrival, which is not until the third quarter of 2016.

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The Next Successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note Series the Galaxy Note 5 is relied upon to have something which throb the heart! Be that as it may, there is a great deal of time for the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 6. We can expect the release date of Galaxy Note 6 in December 2016.

In correlation to the present period of cell phones Galaxy note 6 would be a superior and exceptional cell phone. As the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to come in Quarter 3 of 2016, till then the innovation will be exceptionally best in class and perhaps we will witness the time of foldable cell phones. So if we merely observe the crude particulars of the Note 6, it would hold 8 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would be accompanying 8 GB RAM that would be intense. Furthermore, we would probably witness a foldable design with a 4K resolution. As we realize that today’s eras is more dependent on selfies and, obviously the organization will attempt to improve the camera. According to desires, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is going to have a 30MP main camera with a 16 MP front camera that would improve the selfie experience tremendously.

The chipset of Note 6 would be an excessive amount of cutting edge. So the same will proceed in 2016 and we would be seeing Galaxy Note 6 Exynos variant with a First initial 16-center processor of Samsung that would be went with Foldable presentation as we have examined previously. The most fascinating piece of the cell phone will be the quick charging innovation that claims to charge 40 % of the battery in only 4 minutes.

Fans will be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 using Flipkart promo code, which will hopefully be released to the market in the 3rd Quarter of 2016 with great features and specs. And as per predictions, you will probably be able to use the Paytm coupons when The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 launches in September 2016 (presumably).