An Exclusive Guide to Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting service is a perfect choice for big websites. The business clients much need this hosting type, especially those, have big size sites that receive high volumes of traffic. Many websites require huge storage space to store video files, audio files, images, and a lot more, but not willing to share space with other websites. For such clients, dedicated server is must to have. These are the most common reasons why people require a dedicated server these days.

Everything about Dedicated Hosting Server

Complete Control over Server

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In a dedicated server, you’ll have a whole server space and need not share this space with the other sites. This is quite better than the shared hosting, where thousands of other websites share the same server, which you have no control of. Whereas on the same dedicated server, you can put various websites but make sure they belong to yours business, so you have complete control of the website.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated server comes with a dedicated IP address, which helps a website to reach around the world. Many countries will block websites based on the IP address, as in the case of shared hosting, where different websites will have the same IP address that is not allowed in various countries.

Full Technical Support

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Most of the large websites often require proper maintenance & technical support. There are hosting companies that take care of all such needs, and send their on-site experts to fix problems. It is advised before choosing a hosting company you must consider what is offered in terms of hosting services such as hardware, and software.

Server Uptime Guarantee

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The things like uptime, server, power backup, type of operating system, and the control panel are several things you need to take into primary consideration. All these factors are used to access controls on the website like uptime is the guarantee of time for which the website is keep running. Also, you need to prefer for high levels of security and speed from the dedicated hosting provider.

In the End

With all the above-listed benefits about the dedicated server, makes it a perfect choice for e-commerce websites that provide high-speed performance & uptime guarantee. The cost of the dedicated server is really high. However, the cost is related to the provided services which are more important for your online business. In order to get premium services, you need to keep looking for features such as security concerns, server bandwidth speed, and software & hardware resources. In total, the best option is to go with a dedicated hosting plan.