Apple Watch Crown for iPhone 7?

Is it weird or makes sense for you? Apple Watch crown envisioned in the next instalment of iPhone series. Well! To me, it can enhance iPhone users’ experience. The concept design is provided by Antonio De Rosa that ditches the iPhone’s home button for Apple’s Watch crown.


So the first question is, what happens to the fingerprint scanner that’s inside the home button? Antonio takes it to the digital crown. The digital crown can provide the scrolling and zoom in and out as it does in the Apple Watch. But for the iPhone, it will give users finger-free use of the screen. Would it actually make any sense? It should, I guess. We have seen those old BlackBerry devices with trackpads and trackballs. They even had a wheel to scroll through emails and messages. Some may say that with touchscreens on phones, why wouldn’t you want to touch them, when you can, and it’s not even very intrusive.

It may be useful for bigger devices like iPhone 6 plus where it’s impossible to use it with one hand. Antonio’s design doesn’t feature a home button, so the physical dimensions of the iPhone would be smaller (at least height wise) These seems like major developments (if they are incorporated) and we may not see them for the next ‘S’ series of iPhone 6/6 plus.

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