Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2017

Smart technology and the internet of things may still be in their infancy, but these concepts are already changing the way we live. They have become an integral part of our day-to-day life, tools for controlling the lighting, temperature, appearance, and other characteristics of the living space. It is also possible to monitor your systems and devices from afar and automate the tedious chores. This is a chance to make your abode amazing and future-proof, to become a true master of the high-tech surroundings.

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A central hub

Smart home hubs are the heart and soul of tech-infused homes, and Samsung SmartThings certainly rises above the competition. This product is tailored to those who own a variety of smart devices and want to streamline the process of handling them. Think of it as a central system which integrates different gadgets into a single digital framework. It is indeed compatible with a multitude of them and has a battery backup. As of last year, this kind of tech is integrated with Samsung 4K TVs as well, which is great news for their owners.

Smart thermostat

Programmable thermostats are gaining traction, and pose a great tool for reducing energy consumption and utility bills. Ecobee3 is our personal favorite and unparalleled in terms of heating and cooling your rooms. It has a sleek touchscreen interface and a rich set of handy features. Most importantly, this advanced thermostat mounts a wireless sensor, which detects the temperature and raises or decreases it accordingly. It also helps that a mobile app runs like clockwork, and on top of it all, Ecobee is compatible with various smart home systems.


2017 Home Tech

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Smart Switch

Not all smart gadgets need to be costly and smart switch is the paragon of this notion.  Basically, iHome ISP5 SmartPlug is one of the most frugal methods to make your devices smarter. Namely, the user can control the amount of power coming to the ISP5 plug from a smartphone, regardless of his or her physical location. What is more, the software enables you to set up a schedule when the plug will be turned off and on. Finally, once can link the SmartPlug to other smart gadgets and utilize it as an excellent energy-saving device.

A Wi-Fi Cooker

Cooking experience will never be the same with the groundbreaking Anova Cooker.  It is perfect for those who do not have much time to dedicate to cooking endeavors and tend to do it souls-vide-style. As the name suggests, the Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to operate the device from anywhere and pull off some long-distance cooking. A LED display shows the current and assigns water temperature, which can be set via a large dial. It is of course, the dedicated, user-friendly app that keeps you posted on the cooking progress.

air purifier

Air purifier

The quality of air is an often-overlooked aspect of the home environment, which is probably the result of the fact that polluters are too small and elude our senses. Still, air quality is paramount to good health, mood, and well-being. You can easily compare products and read air purifiers reviews, but we have done that for you and recommendHEPAair purifiers. They possess top-of-the-line filtration systems that capture and remove 99.97% of harmful airborne particles: There is no better way to deal with tobacco smoke, air pollution, mold spores, dust pollen and other tiny nuisances.

Smart lock

Home security systems are undergoing a boom, blessing us with high-tech marvels like August Smart Lock HomeKit. It installs nice and easy and mounts over the regular deadbolt switch. That way, August smart lock equips your door with internet connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility. One of the possible applications is granting quick access to welcome guests and denying it to those who have no business in your home. The integration with Apple devices seems to be the most accomplished, but the lock also performs well with other components.

Domestic smart revolution

Smart home products are incredible means of manipulating the environment around us and making it bow to our will. They are capable of learning our habit patterns, communicating with each other, and sending vital information. This may sound like a science fiction to some, but it is actually the thrilling reality in many homes. You can aspire to boost the comfort, functionality, security, or sheer awesomeness. So, do not miss your chance to assemble an intelligent home on your own terms without breaking the bank and losing nerve.