Best Tools That Help You Optimize Your Mobile Apps

The proliferation of smartphones industry has given out mobiles in every palm; however, we all still face the sluggish speed of our phones. At a time when people have no time to wait, the slow speed of their phone or apps can make them go irritated. There are billions of apps around us; however, only a few meet our expectations. Apps that come with poor designs make users’ actions tough to succeed because some app get crashed when users give commands to perform specific actions. As well as, they are not intuitive and difficult to use. Now, leave this worry way behind as there are a number of tools that can help you optimize your mobile apps. It is a matter of delight for each user that the choice is vast.

Following are a few best apps that let users optimize their mobile apps conveniently:


This is a free testing tool for native and non-native iOS and Android apps. An app is uploaded to the platform and beta testers are invited using email addresses or use a web-based test app. These testers get a link to download your app and in a single click you can go-off using it. You can keep an eye on the result as users perform them and get a first taste of the features you need to improve to fulfill expectations. The in-app bug reporting module this app carries, feelings of the testers can be shared by filling in a form.



This app performs tests in real-world environments and it is done on all devices and wherever the audience you want to reach lives, with every possible configuration/combination, for both the major app platform. These tests can be managed to match your schedule like the frequency and the moment they kick it off. You will start getting results in within hours or in real time in some circumstances. This will enable you form a list of the most urgent issues, put the first bugs, and raise your productivity. The one fascinating feature offered by the Applause platform is the likelihood to roll out a beta edition of the mobile application through its mobile beta management.

All the credit goes to this feature, which makes it easier how users communicate with your app. This service adds the creation of aimed surveys available for qualified participants and constant help from a herd of experts with the focus on offering valuable feedback on what best can be done to raise the development process as well as the usability of an app.

 ROM Toolbox Lite

This app is capable enough to address all issues that you have linked with the optimization of your mobile phone. ROM Toolbox Lite comes with myriad of key features providing a great aid to optimize your phone apps. No matter what your requirements of taking the backup and restoring applications, alter system fonts, handle files and many more. Its additional features like app finder, cache cleaner, storage optimizer, processor controller, etc. get unlocked once you opt for the premium version of the app. This app enables you to manage applications and do distinct tweaks in the system, which will boost the device’s performance and result into better performance.

Appsee Mobile Analytics

A mobile analytics SDK for iOS and Android, Appsee helps you test the performance of your app and how users communicate with them. It also provides access to user recordings and you can locate the features of your app that need improvement and finger the areas which interface look more alluring. In its platform, Appsee integrates a few services you already have witnessed to till date. It provides touch heatmaps that combine all users’ indications (taps, swipes, pinches).

Alike TestFairy, it offers you the opportunity to see how people behave using your mobile app by watching video recordings of real users’ sessions. It is highly convenient to explore which kind of issues they face, if these issues cause users disappointment and take them forward to quit the app, and what can be done to avoid it. At the end, it offers crash records, so you will never be worried to figure out what happened.


Another exceptional tool for helping you out in testing Android and iOS applications, Testdroid features a number of benefits to improve the optimization of your mobile. This app is hosted by Bitbar in their dedicated hosting centers in Europe and the US.

Testdroid bestows the following features:

  • Online and API access means no requirement of reserve devices or prepare for the test runs.
  • On a number of devices Testing in Scale is done at the same time and with quick feedback.
  • Target Larger Audience with Your Application ensures higher quality and greater support.
  • Test on New Devices is done even on customized device clusters.
  • No Configuration or Programming is required-You upload an APK or IPA and instrumentation test files and these files run automatically on the platform.

Conclusion -Have Your Apps Improved

You must take out time to set up your testing activities no matter you are a sole developer or part of a team in a big organization. You must also study behaviors of valued users before committing to expensive development. The tools and platforms mentioned in this article can help you optimize your phone and keep it function well all the time. It is recommended that use these services in combination to test the most vital features of your product. Having implemented these tools this way, you will have an idea that you have tested and optimized them all at once.


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