Buy TrackMyFone and Start Monitoring Your Kids Smartphones

We had so many social issues already and with the smartphone splurge, there are new ones emerging. A decade ago, we would only deal with kids problems like bullying, harassing and street predating. But now, we have more than that; online predating, stalking, cyber harassing and bullying, sexting etc. socially deviant behaviors are fueled with internet’s advent. Online pedophiles never had so much freedom without internet. They would live in seclusion and only come out occasionally. Now they are active all the time.  Therefore, buy TrackMyFone and start monitoring your kids’ smartphones as it’s the most viable solution to all the internet related problems of this age.

TrackMyFone Is a Remote Control

Have you failed every time trying to check internet history on your kid’s phone, because it’s always deleted?  Or their text messages, call logs, IM chats? TrackMyFone has solved this parenting problem. Once the app gets installed into the target device, it will collect all the data from the phone’s storage and upload it on their cloud server which is then accessible through TrackMyFone’s control panel.


What Can You Access?

It’s a big list! Or you could just consider that TrackMyFone can access almost everything off your kid’s smartphone. View phone logs of calls, SMS, internet history, contacts, emails and calendar entries. So if your kid is too smart to never forget clearing logs, the app can access it, if it’s once uploaded on the server.

The app is also a GPS tracker to protect your kids when they are away from home. You can check their real time location anytime form TrackMyFone’s control panel. You can also view location history for as many past days as you want.

The Watchlist features is amazing. All those contacts, words or locations that you don’t want your kids to get exposed to can be added in the Watchlist. Alert notifications will inform you if a Watchlist word or a name is used by the target user. Watchlist locations work with geo-fencing. So if your kid will ever enter those unauthorized areas, again, you will be notified.

TrackMyFone also provides a 24/7 customer support for sorting out all kind parental monitoring issues. It’s a great app with powerful features at a price as low as $7.49/month.