Buying Certified Pre Owned Mobile Phones or Tablet Online

If you are a geek who is interested in buying all the latest gizmos and gadgets, then you would probably like the idea of branded refurbished mobile phones and tablets. Let’s face it, owning the latest android of apple smartphone can be disastrous on your pocket, yet most of us want and need them. So are there any other alternatives?

Yes, it called reconditioned smartphones, factory seconds and pre owned devices, and they are your best bet in getting the biggest brands at subsidized pricing. Consumers, who prefer the android OS, will take the usual route of purchasing phones that are mid range yet still offer a punch in terms of specifications and performance. We look for sale prices and discounts from OEM manufacturers, as many of them offer great prices on their mobile phones, or unboxed version of their latest mobile phones or tablets. You can even find good deals on used or pre owned gadgets.


Buying used phones does not mean that you will get stuck with something that is completely worn down or damaged in any way. Consumers who have bought used or certified pre owned mobile phones goods have said that it had been a very positive experience for them. There are many things that you need to know before you buy anything pre owned, these tips were written with smartphones in mind, but they can be used of tablet as well, so here it goes:

Used phones: the do’s and the don’ts:

Know what you need:

This is an obvious point; try to figure out what kind of tablet or smartphone you need. You have to narrow down a few select models, but focus instead on specifications like OS, display sizes and the budget that is available to you. Compare all the used mobile phones models that are listed online and then decide what would fit your budget. You don’t always have to buy the latest gadgets, but then again you might just get a very good price on it! Always compare one pre owned model with another on that is pre owned, reconditioned ones with something similar and more.

Find reputed sellers, buying locations:

Once you have found exactly what you need and just how much you need to spend, then move onto the various sources, sellers or websites that offer phones are refurbished. Many of the online retailers offer various branded refurbished mobile phones and models and it just like buying a new phone. They will also offer you a guarantee on anything that you buy from them including full product warranty, returns and more.

There are many sellers online and offline that offer refurbished and certified pre owned mobile phones, as these phones are big right now. Always pick dealers that are authorised, you can do this by verifying any certifications that they have, the warranty that they offer and the number of comments or feedback that they have received from their customers. Ensure that the seller offers all the guarantees that do come with the gadgets that they are selling. They will also have other offers like exchanges, very high discounts and freebies, so that you will be gaining more and save at the same time.

Check before you buy:

Read through all the details that are given with the phone, these will explain the conditions of the branded refurbished mobile phones and the accessories that will come with them, specifications and prices. If these are not mentioned, then you can ask the seller about the state of the phone and the kind of servicing that it has undergone. Normally the level of refurbishing done will determine the price that you pay for the device. So check the entire phone once you get to ensure that it is just as advertised, if you find anything faulty, inaccurate or out of place, make sure that you return it.

If you are looking for certified pre owned mobile phones, tablets and accessories, log on to for good deals and discounts on the latest brands and models.