Computer Repair vs. Buying a New Computer

The following is a guest post from Don’t Panic IT Solutions a Computer Repair company located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We field quite a few questions when it comes to Computer Repair vs. Buying a new computer. There are so many variables when it comes to answering that question, so we wanted to spin up a good guide for you, the consumer who reads our blog.

First, we want every computer user to understand that the answer to whether you buy a computer vs. repair what you are currently using is completely up to the each person. Every one of us has a unique need when it comes to a PC or laptop, and we are all different. One of us may need a machine simply for email, while the next may be running a very complex digital marketing business and need a very robust system that contains many different memory sources. Some of us may be using our computers strictly for video or gaming, and some may be using a laptop for writing pages upon pages of content.


So, depending on what your issue is, things may change, but generally speaking, here some of the questions we like to ask every computer user:

  1. How old is your system? Generally, we say that every 4 years is a pretty good benchmark to replace your current system with something new. The 4 year mark is when your PC or laptop may start to slow down. You can attempt to clear programs that you don’t use, or save your files to an external hard drive to speed the computer up, but just like the life of an automobile, a computer can break down over time.
  2. Has Malware taken over your system? Do you have viruses attacking the viruses on your hard drive? If you can’t start your PC without a blue screen, or a gazillion prompts asking for you to wipe your computer, you need to repair your PC. If a computer repair expert says that your PC or laptop is past the point of repair, you want to start researching new computer systems.
  3. Do you know the problem? Is your computer screen cracked? Your keyboard broken? Your software out of date? Like we spoke about above, viruses attacking your system? If your screen is cracked, that is an easy fix that any computer repair expert can take care of, and you will not need to replace your entire system. Same goes for a laptop keyboard replacement. Your keyboard has very little to do with how your operating system is working, so simply bring that in to a computer repair shop, and they can replace that for a minimal fee.
  4. What are your soft costs? If you are looking at replacing many different software components for your computer, you may want to buy a completely new computer that comes with all the new programs. Some programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop can run you well over $100 apiece, so replacing those can be an added expense that you don’t want to take on when thinking about buying a new computer. If you can simply fix your PC or laptop for cheap, while maintaining those programs, that may be in your best interest.
  5. Lastly, do you still have a warranty? You may not realize that you still have a warranty on your computer, so make sure to either call your computer manufacturer, or if you bought your PC or laptop at a retailer, simply call Best Buy or your specific store, and ask them if your machine is still under warranty.

Whatever problem you are experiencing, you may be in line for a computer repair or full replacement of your PC or laptop. Make sure to ask your computer repair expert what their advice is – they should be steering you in the right direction!