Coordy: A Brand New Safety And Navigation App for iOS

Coordy is a brand new safety and navigation app for iOS. The app lets you send a Google Maps-link of your location to anyone via Twitter, email, or SMS.

The idea behind Coordy started as an idea to prevent rape, kidnapping, and other such horrible things. I designed and coded the app in two days, about a week before graduating high school. After another week, it was launched on the iOS App Store, on June 10th 2015. It’s completely free, and no registration is required, which is something that makes Coordy unique compared to other safety apps out there.


Coordy has two features
1. It works as a navigation app for everyday use, with three options to share via: Twitter, email, or SMS. This can be helpful if a friend doesn’t know where you are at the beach, or if you need someone to pick you up e.g.

2. The other feature is an emergency function which lets you send a text message to 1-3 pre-saved phone numbers in an instant. The message says ”EMERGENCY! I need help here:” as well as a link to your exact location. This can be useful, and even vital, if you are in an emergency situation where you can’t type out a whole message.

Customer reviews

There are already a few ways to share your location with your iOS device, but according to customer reviews, Coordy seems to make it easier. In addition, the emergency function has been greatly appreciated. A customer has written  ”I love how easy it is to use and how quickly it finds and sends your location!”, another has written  ”My commutes are going to be a lot better knowing I have that safety net just in case something were to happen.”

Cher Kachelmuss, who runs Mom and More, one of the most popular mom-blogs in the US according to Cision, writes ”As a parent there are so many reasons I can appreciate this app.” in a review, and lists three reasons why she thinks the app is great:

• ”Parents can ask for a message from this app to see (check) exactly where their kids are”
• ”Friends and family can receive a message to find where a party is via Google Maps”
• ”You have an emergency situation where you can’t talk or type out a whole message of what is wrong and where you are” (

Funding campaign
Recently, we’ve started a funding campaign to raise money for development of the company, which you can find here: If you can, please donate. Any contribution will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading my story, and about Coordy!

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Author: Simon Persson, Founder of Coordy