Discover New Speeds with The All New 5G

5 G, the fifth-generation network, is likely to be extremely fast compared to 3G & 4G networks being used today. This evolution in the wireless networking promises self-driving cars and the movies which would be downloaded in just blink of the eye. Though 5G is quite important now,  it may not be expected till some time now.

In the next five years, powerful wireless networks would assist you in making you safer, healthier, productive and smarter regarding the happenings around you. Networks driving the present internet connected and smartphones are generally functioning on 4G technology. With coming in of higher performance technology of fifth generation known as 5G will be arriving soon and will take us to newer places.


5G is believed to be path to Internet of Things, as it ties almost everything into net. Billions of sensors will get built into security systems, appliances, door locks, health monitors, cars and smartwatches to the dog collars. You can get a good deal on smartwatches at CouponDekho. It is expected that network devices would increase from present 5 billion to 25 billion by 2020. These sensors that produce huge data will spur carriers to spend huge amount for upgrading the networks for 5G to enable them to take advantage of the increased demand for Internet of Things data.

5G network will be faster than 4G by about 66 times. This speed brings up fascinating capabilities. Video chats will give a feel of all of us being in same room. Self-driving cars will be able to take critical decisions. Snapdeal coupon can be handy for getting a good discount on smartphones with 5G. Cities will be able to monitor pollution levels, traffic congestion and parking demand and feed required information to smart car real time.

5G Advantage Over 4G and 3G

Lots of benefits are expected from next generation network.

1.      Instant gratification: Download speed will be good enough to download heavy files in seconds rather than minutes.

2.      New realities: 5G will enhance augmented reality and also virtual reality into mainstream. Completely artificial view is created by virtual reality and both have to pull in the new data instantly.

3.      Lightning-fast response: 5G will reduce time lag before first bits appear. Waiting for few seconds for start of streaming video over 4G is not of much consequence over 4G but it is extremely slow for likes of self-driving cars where even millisecond counts.

4.      Not easy:

Though 5G is expected by 2020 but it is not easy and Nokia & AT & T Networks believe that this schedule is not reasonable and may take some more years.

The capacity between base stations will have to be boosted for delivery of 5G. Unoccupied spectrum will have to be tapped. 5G requires higher frequency bands. It is hard to transmit higher frequencies over longer distances or buildings or walls on way. Carriers thus depend on the advanced antenna technologies that include multiple inputs multiple outputs (MIMO). Base stations will be packed by carriers more closely for improving odds to your phones and will supplement long-range “macro cells” and short range “small cells”.