Education Apps for Your Child

It’s easy to blame technology for everything, but maybe, just maybe, it’s not the only one to blame. Sure, you can say that your child’s smartphone caused their ADHD or that their Xbox is causing them to develop bad manners. However, the truth is not so simple. You see, all these items are just tools, and the way your kid uses them determines their value. If you know how, you can even turn them into powerful didactic tools. Here are some of the apps you could use with the education of your child in mind.

Education Apps for Your Child 1

Read Me Stories

This amazing application is specially designed to make your kid fall in love with reading. What most kids find especially interesting about this app is the fact that it’s highly interactive. Your child expands the book by touching characters, which makes this entire experience even more fun for them. Unfortunately, there is a downside to Read Me Stories, as well. Even though this app is completely free, the books on it are not. Sure, you can get a sample of each book for free, but that’s about it.

Preschool Math Games for Kids

Next to reading, one of the most important things you need to teach your child is basic math, and here you could also use a helpful app. Preschool Math Games for Kids is an elaborate application which explains numerous different aspects of math to your kid. Some of the things it teaches are addition, subtraction, as well as sequence patterns. In other words, all the things your kids will need to know by the time they reach the 3rd grade. Still, if you want to enhance your kid’s math-learning efforts, there’s a plethora of other math apps you could turn to.


While reading and math are extremely important, sometimes you need to think much further ahead. As things are today, IT is the industry of the future, so why not start teaching your child to code at their youngest age. Sure, if you give them endless lines of code to memorize, they are likely to create a strong antagonism towards it, but if you give them a fun app… well, that’s an entirely different story. The Scratch application was developed in 2003 by MIT students and it was designed to help 8-to 16-year old children learn some of the basic principles of coding.

Free Rice

Even though teaching your kid all of these things seems great, not everything is about theoretical knowledge. You need to teach your kid about their social responsibility, as well and help them develop strong feeling of empathy. The best app for this is Free Rice. This quiz based platform gives 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme in order to help end hunger for every correct answer your child gives. Furthermore, the amount of collected rice is presented graphically, so your child can track their progress while playing.

iPhone Apps

Preschool Music

Finally, what you also want is for your kid to nurture their artistic side from the very beginning, which is why you should download Preschool Music app. This application contains a lot of music material which can teach your kid about various musical aspects like rhythm and harmony. Who knows, you might be raising the next little Mozart in your home. To further enhance these efforts, it also might be a good idea to start thinking about an early learning centre, where your kid will be able to socialize with other kids and sing, paint and nurture creativity with them. Everything is better in good company.

Technology is neither good nor bad, it just is. Just as it can ruin your child’s grade, it can help improve them. For this, however, you would have to teach your child how to use it properly, and installing some of these education apps might be the best way to do so