Email Server Hosting: Shielding Your Business Confidentiality

Emails are measured as one the most influential communication models for businesses of all shapes and profiles.A large chunk of companies have integrated this fluent communication gateway to communicate with their partners, vendors, and their own employees. If recent reports are to be believed, this medium is highly preferred over other communication mediums.

In this blog, you will get to know how professional email hosting solutions can add value proposition to your business:

No Server Management Headaches: Availing offsite email server hosting eliminates the cost incurred on server management and maintenance. Clients need not to hire IT professionals to take care of their emailing server as everything is managed at emailing hosting provider’s end.  Right from the server upgrade to software configuration – all comes under the email host’s job responsibility. This in turn, reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO), and helps in improvising business performance.

Email Hosting Solutions

Tailor-made User Mailbox Capacity: Free or web based email solutions such as Gmail, and Yahoo offers limited storage capacity. When a user reaches a certain limit, he/she is restricted to send the emails. In addition to this, these email solutions also stops users sending files of exceeding file size limit.

Here, professional email hosting plans come into the picture. Clients are offered with unlimited or desired storage capacity for their business.  Files of any size and version such as .doc, .docx, .xls, jpeg, .png, etc. can be shared at the click of the button.

Negligible Downtime Issues: It is undeniably an intricate process to ensure uninterrupted network uptime when the servers are managed in house as it demands number of components and resilient data center architecture to deliver the same. A professional email hosting provider owns a resilient data center facility that ascertains flawless availability for the emailing servers.  Today, most of the email hosting benefactors offers service level agreement on service availability.

Protection against Unwarranted Attacks: In this hosing kind, the server is monitored using high-end technologies and the professionals employed at provider’s end. Experts completely manages the server, install desired software applications including antivirus software to make sure that performance is not compromised at any point of time. Apart from this, they keep the mailing server at bay from the unpredictable spamming attacks.

Ardent Technical Support: The email hosting vendor ensures that you get prompt assistance for your worries and queries pertaining to your business-critical servers. That’s the reason why today most of the host guarantees round the clock assistance.

Apart from that, you can build your brand identity by choosing an email address that represents your business.

There are number of emailing clients that you can select for your business. However, the most popular and widely-accepted email hosting solutions are Microsoft Exchange Server and Zimbra email hosting. These email hosting platforms offer unmatched functionality, and features that add value to your business performance.

To conclude, email hosting solutions by reputed host can ensure flawless and secure communication while keeping server performance at its peak.