Factors That Motivates The Users To Download Mobile App

Why do mobile users download apps? Well, just as the question is quite simple and straightforward, same is the answer. ‘For executing their task in a simplified way, they download an app to find the correct way for getting that solved. Easy, isn’t it?

However, if you dig deeper, you will find that it’s not as simple and the answer needs to be bigger and more thorough. We have numerous apps for many purposes. Right from the communication apps till the miscellaneous entertainment, travel, hospitality and education apps, we are highly dependent on the app world for accomplishing our day to day activities. Now if these apps are already having all of that, then what motivates users to download more and more new apps?

After all, it’s no surprise that various new apps are continuously introduced in the market and are even downloaded by the users as well. Why?

Factors that Motivates the Users to Download Mobile App

Because the new apps seems to be more better, isn’t it?

Well, it’s quite certain the aforementioned statement will be your answer, again simple. Now, this could be partially true; however, it has been long enough since mobile apps came into existence. There is fierce competition out there, and everyone is well aware regarding what it requires to develop a mobile app other than freshness or quality.

A lot of various factors go into one download. Out of which one, is helping users get something just as they desire, and does it in a better way when compared with others. At the same time, they might do it simply because someone must have recommended it – maybe a friend or they came across an advertisement, or though any other social media platform.

Hence, it is not easy to tell what actually motivates users to download an app.

Same way, the mobile app success also depends on many factors other than your app quality. It is often defined by the thought process of your target audience, their requirements& preferences, issues they are facing, their family and friends, and ultimately, the marketing efforts you make. Thus, if you are keen on making a great efficient app, then just developing one won’t suffice.

Little Things matter a lot

A detailed new study conducted by Yahoo states that, the motivating factors that makes users download the new app can be categorized as follows:

  • The user is stuck with a problem, and feels that an app will be able to solve it
  • They are simply bored and might be on a hunt to find something new & exciting (most preferably games).
  • A friend recommended the app
  • The current app they are using lacks some crucial features

Hence, it is clear that contrary to prominent belief, the problem-solving feature is not just the sole reason that leads to app downloads. According to the Yahoo research, the most crucial driving factor is boredom. So, eight out of ten app users are just bored and they want something new as they head towards the app store.

According to Google, the second major driving factor is the personal recommendation. Often advertising can motivate the user for downloading an app; however, it’s the recommendation that ultimately strikes the right chord. On the other hand, poor reviews keep the users at bay from downloading an app, as revealed by Yahoo. Hence, always make sure that you never ignore a negative review given by a user on an app store. Interestingly, advertising also goes side by side and is another strong motivator, no matter how everyone is keen on getting rid of the ads.

Among the app users, who admitted being influenced by the ads on their Smartphone’s while downloading an app, 50 % of them agreed that what prompted them to download an app are the search ads, as stated by a Google report.

Apps solve your problems

Yes, this comes next. Problem-solving feature of the app is another motivating factor. A study by Yahoo states, even boredom and word of mouth turned to be the main motivators in 80 and 74 percent of cases, respectively, yet it was a poor app (being used currently, which has failed to solve user’s problem), or the one that lacks browser experience, turned to be the major drivers in 65 and 68 percent of cases.

When dealing with a problem that seems unique, the users download many apps back-to-back, and this group is referred as ‘hungry audiences’ as they keep looking for the solutions, not offered by the market currently.

It could a problem that requires to be solved or maybe a concerning urge. Such apps are not used often, and chances are for them to be deleted soon once the issue is resolved, but then again, problem-solving come around as a major factor leading people to the app stores.

Decipher the correct reasons

When an app is developed, it is vital to make efforts to build user loyalty, increase conversions, and boost engagement. However, none of it will work if you can’t find the exact reasons that people look for before heading for your app.

As a mobile app developer, it is you who is responsible for understanding what is desired by the users and what’s the thought process behind the same. Hence an app developed tailored to the user requirements, yes is a clear winner.

Thus, it is imperative to determine the significant features that the users are looking for, so as to serve them with the right solution for accomplishing the activities.

Bottom line:

Mobile apps today are forming the major part of the digital landscape. But it happens quite often, that many mobile apps are being discarded by the users at the very first attempt. Thus, it is vital to pre determine the approach for making your app to achieve maximum downloads. An app glued to its core functionality, delivering the user, a seamless experience, developed with the right technical parameters and marketed with the correct publicizing approaches, undeniably conserves the large user base at a single time.



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