Five Best Artificial Intelligence Apps in 2017

As artificial intelligence technologies become more popular, we witness an increasing number of their applications in the mobile world. Plenty of apps are already using cutting-edge speech recognition AI algorithms to deliver services that app users seek.

Here are five best artificial intelligence apps for 2017.



Luke is a chatbot that talks to users about anything. Launched in 2014 as an AI-powered mobile concierge service called IO, Luka at first provided restaurant recommendations.

For example, you could ask the engine about the nearest place that serves Italian food, and you would get an immediate response. The bot not only offered a restaurant’s digital card with the address, phone number, opening hours, and menu, but also photos of dishes if you asked for them.

Users can enhance their experience with the new Luka thanks to 12 other bots that provide recommendations or information about restaurants, weather, news, as well as search, video, images, quizzes, and others. All these services are available 24/7. You can easily book a table via the Open Table service right inside the application – as long as you are located in the Bay Area.

You don’t even have to choose the right bot to talk to – it’s enough to write something and the app will direct you to the right chatbot that will help you. This free app doesn’t include any annoying ads or in-app purchases, but charges a small fee for table reservations and offers sponsored recommendations.

Google Now

Google is a big player on the artificial intelligence scene, so no wonder that it releases products equipped with variants of this cutting-edge technology. The personal assistant Google Now is easily a champion among virtual assistants.

It covers all user needs but also offers a range of more advanced features that are constantly being expanded by Google. This personal assistant perform countless tasks guided by nothing more than a user’s voice. For instance, it helps to search for information, play music, send text messages, get directions, and much more.

Google Now also features a smart app suggestions section that allows to quickly find the app on your smartphone that you need right now. If your mobile phone runs on Android, it means you probably have Google Now installed by default, so just turn it on and check how many tasks you can get done thanks to a simple conversation.



Contact isn’t a flawless personal assistant but it definitely has a lot of potential. Created as Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri, Cortana can do a lot of things and it’s almost seamlessly integrated into Windows 10 system.

You can use the app to call, text, and email other people, as well as send a package track to take notes, add items to your calendar, or tell jokes. Even if it’s a little rough around the edges, Cortana is one of the best personal assistants available on the market and can help you get more done in a shorter time.

Recent News

This is a smart news aggregation app that is just perfect if you’d like to receive news that are relevant to your interests.

Thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, the app will study your reading habits and keep you updated on the latest news, articles, and other relevant readings in accordance to your interests and past behavior. Nothing helps users more to stay informed about the subjects they love than this smart mobile app.

To make it even better, Recent News can be easily synchronized with other devices. Thanks to this integration, you can bookmark articles on your smartphone and later browse it on your other devices. It’s very easy to export your history and bookmarks, so you can reduce background activity in order to conserve the battery life of your smart phone. If you’re always on the hunt for new blog posts, articles, and news, Recent News is an app for you.

Google Allo

Another product in Google’s range of smart solutions, Google Allo is just perfect if you’d like to get some information, find an article or video and you simply don’t want to place your hands on the keyboard anymore. The app will help those who are feeling lazy but would like to continue working.

This personal assistant works like a messenger app that can perform many different tasks. For instance, it can add events to your calendar, offer you a reminder at a given time, answer questions, find content, and much more. You can reply to the messages without even lifting a finger. The Smart Reply System will learn from your behavior and suggest responses to various photos and texts in your style as well.

It’s clear that artificial intelligence technologies are changing our everyday life. The recent breakthroughs in deep learning and the applications of sophisticated algorithms in voice, image, and text recognition allow mobile app developers to create solutions that make people’s lives easier in unprecedented ways.

Try one of these five apps to benefit from the powerful AI algorithms in your everyday life.