Get in Touch with a Good Quality Private Cloud Hosting Provider in India

Cloud computing right now is the hottest buzzword in the IT world. The cloud computing environment basically consists of private cloud computing and public cloud computing. A third type of computing called Hybrid cloud computing, which seeks to combine the best features of both private and public cloud computing is also fast gaining ground. A quality private cloud hosting provider in India is most likely to provide all these three types of hosting solutions to organizations with higher level of reliability and at an affordable cost.

Cloud computing itself started with the public cloud where the service provider offered resources like bandwidth, RAM, memory, etc via Internet to account holders supplied by a series of physical servers stored in their own data centres. Computer services, applications, software and storages among others were usually offered as a utility style costing where the end users had to pay only for the resources they consumed.

The public cloud computing model was low cost, easy to set up and scored high on parameters of reliability and scalability. The public cloud effectively addressed the need of the market but it was found wanting when it came to efficiently taking care of the individual organizations. The inclusion of the word ‘public’ provided ample hints that this computing model was not tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of an organization.


The large number of benefits offered by public cloud was somewhat negated by the fact that it offered somewhat less security and control for sensitive data processing and applications tasks of an organization. This lead to the evolution of private cloud computing, where IT is delivered as a service securely within your own infrastructure. Reserving the resources of the cloud for the exclusive use of a single organization allowed firms to take advantage of cloud computing without exposing their mission-critical applications and data to third-party vulnerabilities.

In the following paragraphs we shall deal in detail with what exactly private cloud computing is, the various benefits and advantages it offers over public cloud computing and the benefits it can bring to your organization if you take care to hire the services of quality private cloud hosting provider in India.

Private cloud hosting explained

The private cloud refers to a cloud computing environment that is meant to be used by a single organization. Private clouds as such comprising of networking, server hardware (which usually provides server virtualization), storage
and management tools among others deliver a streamlined process to the organization with higher level of data security and scalability.

Instead of the sensitive information and data being stored somewhere in the cloud, organizations have their own dedicated servers managed and maintained by well-known private cloud hosting provider in India.Private cloud hosting as such alleviates security concerns to a significant extent apart from bringing other important benefits like faster processing of data and better reliability at reduced cost.

Some of the major benefits that can be had by private cloud infrastructure and by hiring the services of a reputable private cloud hosting provider in India are as following:

Higher levels of reliability

Private cloud networks are known for providing significantly better levels of reliability as compared to public cloud hosting. Better reliability and service predictability is ensured by more fault tolerant network backbones. It is therefore important for organizations to discuss beforehand with their IT staffs and service provider as to what network performance they will see for the type of applications and services they are putting into the cloud.

Enhanced security with dedicated hardware

Security of private cloud infrastructure very much in the mould of dedicated or collocated server depends upon a host of factors. It is important for the firms interested in private cloud hosting to have the right kind of physical security, anti-virus software, and firewall rules in place among other things.

With a private cloud, you know where your servers are located and that the proper physical and network security is in place. You can always get in touch with your IT staff to know more about your servers and how they can be tuned to keep pace with your changing business requirements.

Quality private cloud hosting provider in India is also most likely to offer cloud server hosting services in India. You can hire the services of a reputable service firm and enjoy guarantee of up time exceeding 99.95 per cent, SLA with low latency, flexible billing options with higher degrees of flexibility, security, scalability and control.