Get Ready For New Generation of Samsung Galaxy S7

If planning to get a new phone has bothered you a lot and you are worried about choosing the best one, then you got to do some research on the topic now. When it comes to smart phones and gadgets, there are many companies who race to become the best but the one company that holds the pride of selling the maximum number of smart phones has always been Samsung. Yet again it is back with one of its flagship models. The Samsung Galaxy S7 being the latest development of the big daddy is aimed to be launched in the early 2016. When compared to the similar phones of the type, it comes out with a clean swipe one of the biggest companies like Apple is yet to produce its next flagship and then when it is compared to the all new Samsung Galaxy S7, comes out with a result that favors Samsung any day.


When talking about the display, iPhone 7 is believed to have a screen of barely 5 inches with a 3D view but on the contrary the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 has a screen of 5.5 inches with full HD and 4K resolution. When it comes to the glass used for the display, the iPhone 7 has been made with Sapphire glass that is a very normal fact for most of the models of iPhones. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to be made with an all new glass namely Turtle glass that is believed to be tougher than the normally used Gorilla glass in the other models. This makes it a point of safety being added to the account. With such a large screen on it, the experience of viewing with the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be out of the world!

When it comes to the processor, the iPhone 7 is to be supported with an A9 processor and will be teamed up with an M9 co-processor. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be supported with an 64bit exynos processor. This wills probably the first gadget to use such a processor. This also gives Samsung additional points to its pockets.

The iPhone 7 will be devised with a 2 GB RAM against a complete 4 GB RAM in the Samsung Galaxy S7. This makes it a device with almost double the RAM size and one which would have space more than a personal computer and this would help users to do all sorts of work in the phones only.

When the point of discussion shifts towards the camera, the iPhone 7 is believed to come along with a change from other smart phones and a camera of 12 megapixels but the competition twists towards the side of Samsung when it comes with camera of 30 megapixels as far rumors are concerned. The legacy of phone cameras is going to be changed with the coming up of the Samsung Galaxy S7 probably just because of this factor.

The front camera in the i-phone 7 will be of 5 megapixels and will not bring a lot of difference from other ones but the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a front camera either of 7 megapixels or 10 megapixels which would make a phone with a lot of unique factors.
Taking all these points to account, it can be seen that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the actual flagship model of the company and would be in the running to become the best of all phones.