Heavily Armed: Sony’s Smart B-Trainer Headphones

The Smart B- Trainer was announced earlier this year at CES. You would have an idea about these headphones if you have used W-Series Walkman headphones. You can easily stream music by using Apple Music or listen to music which is already on your phone wirelessly using Bluetooth. You can also record voice memos using this Bluetooth headset. You do not have to carry your mobile if you want to go for a run as it has a built-in MP3 player.

Simon Dyer, mobile expert and CEO at Swift Contract Phones reviewed the Smart B Headphones earlier this year and had the following to say:

There are a lot of good things about the B Trainer as they really are packed with tech and features. In some ways they’re a replacement for a SmartWatch but the off putting thing for me is the price, at £230 in the UK they are pretty pricey and I think that is a tough to justify purchase for a lot of people especially when you can find users talking about GPS and heart rate tracking issues on public forums.”


Image Source : www.craveonline.com

It is a fancy gadget

The B-Trainer has six sensors as it has features like GPS, gyroscope, barometer, compass, accelerometer and heart rate. The runners can easily get all the information without carrying any extra gadgets. Although they look a little bulky but they are quiet light weight. They are also very comfortable as the rubber cord that connects the two in-ear pieces rests on the neck.


It takes a little time to get to know about all the buttons, and then it gets a lot easier to use the buttons as all of them can be accessed easily. With the buttons you can adjust the volume, start the coaching mode, turn off the headphones, play or skip the tracks, check your performance, pair your device with any other device due to the NFC support.

You can charge this device using an exclusive charging cradle which can be clipped to the charging pin. You can use them for 10 hours without charging them. They are IPX5 and IPX8 certified so you can use them even while swimming.


You have 16GB of space to save your songs which means you can carry approximately 3900 songs. You can transfer the songs by connecting the B-Trainer to the computer and using Sony’s software. If you want to see the full details of your data, you just have to open the B-Trainer companion app which is free for iOS and Android both.


With the custom workouts, you can now become a much better runner. The headphones will determine your performance using the sensors and then guide you to become even better. Sony has come up with excellent workout plans with the help of running brand Asics. You can even send your GPS plans to the headphones and leave your phone at home. The heart rate monitor stops working at times though. You can buy these heavily armed headphones for £230 which is a little more than the price of its rival Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless.

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