High-Tech Hacks to Improve the Organization of Your Startup

While it is true that improving the logistics of your business takes a lot of experience and research, these days, it seems as if technology has a way of offering a shortcut. You see, with the right piece of software or an innovative tech trend, you stand to gain a lot in terms of organization and overall productivity. This is something that startups in particular stand to benefit from, because these businesses usually don’t have the luxury of hiring experts to deal with these issues in their stead. With this in mind and without further ado, here are several high-tech hacks that can drastically improve the organization of your startup.

High-Tech Hacks to Improve the Organization of Your Startup1

1. Easier telecommuting

Although the greatest majority of entrepreneurs still favor having all of their employees on-spot, thanks to the latest software innovations, we are currently seeing the boom of telecommuting. In fact, according to a survey, about 45 percent of people in the U.S. are working from home. With the help of simple-to-use IM services, such as Skype or Viber, a team working on the same project can easily maintain communication in real-time.

Furthermore, with a plethora of incredible collaboration tools online, sharing files, brainstorming and working on massive projects has never been easier and more effective. Sure, it still may not be the same as working in the same office but it is as close as it gets.

2.  Offshoring your customer support

Every entrepreneur out there knows that the customer support of your company soon comes to represent your business as a whole. This comes as no surprise because people behind this department are the ones that are in direct contact with your clients. For this reason, most of your customers will form an opinion about your business based on how successful, assertive and emphatic your customer support is.

Unfortunately, this gets you in a bit of a rough spot. Training your own team to undertake such a massive endeavor would require more time, resources and effort than you have on your disposal. On the other hand, outsourcing it to a local customer support company may exceed your budget. Luckily, offshoring this particular core-task allows you to get the same quality of service at much more competitive prices. While India or China may seem like the most logical choice, going for Jordan customer support is also an idea worth considering.

3. Social networks and hiring

The way in which your company copes with its everyday problems often comes down to the individual competence of people in the front lines. Luckily, thanks to social networks such as LinkedIn, you now have a much greater talent pool to choose from. If your potential employee lives nearby, you can simply offer them to relocate and if not, we’ve already covered the idea of remote work in the telecommuting section.

Now, to move on to something that not a lot of people discuss when it comes to hiring new people for the job. Before you decide to offer a responsible position in your company to someone you never met in person, you might want to check out their other social media accounts, as well. Sure, you shouldn’t base your decision on one’s Facebook and Instagram profiles but they do have the potential to tell you quite a bit about one’s characters. If nothing, you will get the gist of who exactly you are dealing with.

High-Tech Hacks to Improve the Organization of Your Startup2

4. Benefits of a cloud-based system

Finally, the fact that more and more companies are migrating to cloud tends to automate some of the simplest processes and therefore make them less effort-intensive. This means cheaper updates and maintenance, simpler scalability and, above all, a simple way of organizing your company’s hierarchy in the digital way. Look at it this way, when all your work-relevant data is in the cloud, it is easy for you to determine who gets access to what.

Furthermore, you even get a much greater transparency of all the alterations made in these work-files. What this means is that the chance of in-house espionage, sabotage or theft get reduced to a minimum. Even if these things were to occur you are almost guaranteed to figure out a culprit in the shortest time-span, possibly while the damage can still be mitigated.


The best thing about these tech-hacks is that their implementation in your business structure tends to be quite unnoticeable. On paper, most of these things may sound as something daunting or complicated but for the most part, it all comes down to you simply making a decision. In the end, while your company stands to benefit from these tech-hacks you will also get to reap some of these benefits on a personal level. Better organization means more automation which, in turn, gives you more free time. A true win-win scenario no matter how you look at it.