How HR software Can Stop Time Theft At Work?

Time theft is something that we all have did in some point of our lives, intentionally or unintentionally. It means being paid for the work that is not done or for the time that is not used for work. For jobs based on payment by hours, time theft is unacceptable and disappointing. One may argue that they cannot stay the whole time on their desk and do their work, but time theft does not include time allotted for breaks and is a much more serious issue than what meets the eye.

Today, time theft does not only relate to time spent away from work desk or on breaks, it is also concerned with the amount of time that people spend on Internet (social media websites) and not on the job. Here’s how a smart cloud based HR software can curb the underlying issue of time theft at your workplace:


Manage shifts and schedules:   While it is not right on the part of an employee to be unethical when it comes to work time, it is also not right on the part of management to enforce unethical policies and expectations forcing the employees to find a way out of it. Giving unrealistic timelines to clients, micro-management and unachievable targets are something that add to the frustration of employees and force them to manipulate the system. The management along with HR ought to create flexible schedules and shift timings so that employees do not endure from stress and can have sufficient time to complete tasks while not breaking their backs over it. 

Allow adequate breaks:   To address the problem of time thefts, management should be tolerant towards breaks in the first place. No one works like a machine and it has been proven that working continuously in one position can lead to serious health hazards. Hence, they can communicate about acceptable break times on desk or on the Internet before enforcing the policies. Both the management as well as employees can have a clear communication regarding the policies that can be put up on the HR portal later for everyone to refer. A smart HR software can be used to track the time of employees in office.

Integrated biometric:  Biometric system integrated with HR software can give you a brief idea of how much time your employees are spending in the office and outside of it along with their In and Out -times. However, there can still be loopholes, if a group goes out together with only person punching in and/or out. Employees when aware of the fact that their work timings and schedules are closely monitored, they might refrain from taking longer breaks and committing time thefts. Another way to track time thefts is through timesheets and HR software makes it easy to track and manage timesheets.

Timesheets:   Timesheets are tabular sheets that record the number of hours an employee has worked on his/her workstation. Maintaining them physically can be a pain and lead to dubious recordings. Maintaining the same online in an HR software helps in accuracy and closer monitoring. Some companies charge their clients by man-hours. In such cases, it becomes important to maintain transparency by having a real time maintenance of timesheets.

Track Efficiency:   Another method to identify time thefts is to track efficiency of an employee. If an employee has filled in exceptional timesheets, but his efficiency is below acceptable levels, you know something is not right. There can be lot of workarounds found for many measurement systems but nothing can fake efficiency. These might sound harsh to some, but work ethics demand that employees stay true to their jobs and help the company grow.

Time theft undoubtedly is one of the worst problems several businesses face. Time theft often causes your HR to spend more time and efforts in tracking the time and attendance of employees. A smart move to tackle the problem of time theft is arming your HR department with an intelligent cloud based HR software.


Author bio:

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