How to Backup Different Data in Different Ways?

Description: Learn to choose appropriate solution to backup your system files, personal creation files, download files, files in browser, or other types of files in your computer.

Data in PC, individual creation like essays, photos, and videos in particular is valueless and irreplaceable for users. Once you got hardware failed or computer lost, your personal data in the computer is at the risk of losing permanently. Therefore, perform backup well is vital and long-range task. However, what should you do to backup different data to the best in Windows? You got several solutions.


Do data classification

Before backing up data, you first need to classify all your data. You can sort data on your hard drive to category as the Operating System Class, the Frequently-used Applications Class, the Game & Software Class, the Download File Class (music, videos etc), the Individual Creation Class (essays, photos etc). Partition your hard disk into multiple drives and make each of stores different class data. For instance, store operating system in C drive as many users do, store frequently used software or games in D drive, and store personal files in E drive.

How to backup different data?

You need to use different methods to backup different types of data. Some data need more attention on backing up whereas some of them need less time and effort.

Backup operating system

As a matter of fact, there has less need to backup OS and frequently used applications. You can create a bootable rescue media of your OS and then drag and drop some installation programs of your favorite applications to it. You can reinstall your operating system after booting from bootable device when your PC fails you. If you insist on backing up OS, try AOMEI Backupper Standard with one-click, which saves your time and effort to do fresh installation.

Backup personal files

Files like work documents stored in My Documents are pretty important for users. You might as well backup files as well as its file edition. Use some software that support file edition sync to backup these files, like Dropbox. Set the main menu of Dropbox as My Documents to realize backup and synchronize personal files. OneDrive released by Microsoft supports only Office documents. Some network disks lack of data accuracy while backing up and synchronizing. Thus, for the security of your data, use the software with good reputation.

Another way to backup personal files is burning them to CD/DVD and notes time. If you are using laptop and have to move around, an external hard drive with large size will do you a big favor.

Backup download files

Download files, installation kit, music, movies and so on could be backed up in original form to common network disk. Most of them provide large size for users and support fast upload. You are worry free to store them into network disk because you wouldn’t leak any personal information even if your account has been attacked by others.

You can spend less time on backing up these files since you can download from the website again once lost them. But as for those data that is hard to download, you can back them up with specially way.

Backup data in website browser

Customized settings, bookmark, the plug-in in browser are suggested backed up with its snap-in backup utility. For example, after you log in Google Chrome account, the browser will synchronize applications, add-in procedure, settings, history, bookmark, account password, etc automatically. As for other browsers like IE, you can backup its bookmark under My Documents directory with aforementioned network sync disk.

Backup other types of files

As to those files that you needn’t change a lot, try backing up them with Windows built-in backup utility. Go Start -> Control Panel -> Backup and Restore. It will backup files in library, desktop, contacts folders, and favorite by default. You are allowed to choose schedule backup as well as to backup files to NAS (Network Attached Storage).
Besides, some professional backup and restore software like AOMEI Backupper Standard are good alternatives to Windows backup utility. Feel free to choose one when necessary.


In short, personal file in computer is one of the most precious fortunes in one’s life, in which he records every little thing in his daily life. As the storage device of these memories, hard drive stands a good chance to fails you. It’s not the matter of whether or not, it is the matter of when. Recovery data is tough and risky, which reveals the fact that every user ought to back every thing up.