How To Backup External Hard Drive To NAS?

More and more people are aware of the importance of backup data with the popularization and wide utilization of computer. It is commonly to backup files, system, partitions as well as a whole disk to ensure the data and system security. Her we will talk about how to backup external hard drive to NAS.

Reasons to backup your external hard drive

People know how important their data is, that’s why they back it up. Most users would like to backup files to external hard drives, NAS or USB flash drive, for example. But what if the external hard drive fails? Any backup is better than no backup, and it is better late than sorry. Starting backup to external hard drive is a good start. However, an external hard drive or a removable flash drive is more vulnerable when moving around. Thus, backing up external hard drive is also necessary.

What is NAS?

Network Attached Storage, called NAS for short, is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. It is widely used in business and home group for its great conveniences to share data and information simultaneously by accessing remote NAS devices. All individuals within a company are allowed to share their data at the same time. As for data backup, users can put the backup image file to a NAS device other than manually connecting the computer to an external hard drive, so that to save users’ local storage as well as ensuring the safety of the backup image.

Backup software for external hard drive

External hard drives are an essential part of keeping your data safe from those nasty computer crashes that may make your stored information inaccessible. Unfortunately, Windows build-in tool will only backup internal disks. Therefore, choosing integrated external hard drive backup software is the first thing to be done. AOMEI Backupper Standard is just a good one; it’s free backup software for Windows with straightforward and intuitive user interface. This program allows you to backup entire external hard drive or backup partition on the drive only. You can also set up a backup schedule to let the backups run automatically at a certain time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and save time and efforts with the features of incremental backup and differential backup. With the latest 3.5 version, it added event-triggered scheduling backups: automatically perform backup tasks in real-time based on user logon, user logoff, system startup and system shutdown.

Step by step guide of backup external hard drive to NAS

Install and launch AOMEI Backupper. Plug in the external drive first and make sure it can be detected by Windows.

Step1. Select Backup > Disk Backup.


Step2. Select the external hard drive you need to backup.


Step3. Select the external hard drive, and click Add.


Step4. Select one location as the destination path.


Step5. In the pop-up window; click “Share/NAS Device” on the left-hand side.


Step6. Click Add share or NAS device button in the lower-left corner.


Step7. Enter the IP address or name of your NAS. Also, you may input a display name for this NAS device.


Step8. After the NAS device has been added, all the folders in the NAS will be listed in the right-hand side list box. Choose one folder as the destination path then click OK. At last, click Start Backup, and then it’s done.




NAS device has provided us a possibility to backup our PCs and Servers in a more secure and convenient way. In this case, it is necessary for specialized Windows backup solution software to support backing up to NAS as well as restoring from NAS in Windows PCs and Servers. AOMEI Technology has made a full use of it by presenting the users “Backup to NAS” and “Restore from NAS” features in AOMEI Backupper. You can easily backup kinds of external hard drives to NAS with this comprehensive external hard drive backup software. Now free download and have a try!