How To Create Photo Gallery On Android Phone or Tablet – Lumific App

Create a gallery of your life’s best moments with Lumific Android app. It’s a free photo gallery and assistant that makes editing and arranging photos easier and faster. When it comes to handling photo overload on your phone or tablet, repetitive frames from burst shots, and foodie collection, this photo gallery app can handle it.

Lumific Gallery App

It’s intelligent enough to skim through your database and group photos that are alike, taken same date or venue and turn these into an event album. It lets you edit event title and other details. You can hide or delete images that you don’t like to be included in the gallery. It also functions as your personal image editor, going through your database and removing duplicate shots that take up your storage space. It chooses the best shot among the similar photos which is great when sharing folders on social networks. We don’t want our friends to skim through hundreds of duplicate shots in our albums.

Lumific also auto-enhances, crops and rotates images from your albums, without you worrying about framing and other advance editing details. There is no need to worry about the original images if you still want to retrieve them. The Lumified photos do not override the original ones and the app stores them in a separate folder. If you don’t like the enhanced photo, you can easily revert this with a single tap. It also has an awesome auto-tagging feature that lets you filter sunsets, beach, cityscapes, and food pictures, and also set tags based on month or dates. The app can also play GIFs and videos.

Sharing your images is very easy with Lumific, you can link it to Gmail, Facebook and other social networks. The gallery can also be synchronized with Dropbox, and you can edit, sort photos directly from there! For Snapfish users, you can print directly from the app into an HP printer.
Download Lumific for Android.

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