How To Protect Online Payments

Our digital future depends upon security of online communication & other actions. You may not be an undercover FBI agent, but you’ll be surprised how many of your everyday activities require high degree of privacy:

  • purchasing at online shops,
  • paying various bills through online banking,
  • transmitting money via PayPal system,
  • talking shop to colleagues (especially on “Authorized Access” topics),
  • sending confidential materials, etc.

Accessing Internet from non-protected public Wi-Fi spots can be accompanied by numerous dangers, like hackers, identity thieves, cyber offenders, and other online criminals. Never use public Wi-Fi unless your connection is encrypted!


Safe Internet = Safe Finances

Privacy requirement magnifies in case your job is connected with online financial operations, more so if you travel extensively all over the world. Threats of using public Wi-Fi are numerous as you become an easy target for unwanted surveillance of data thieves. Lack of security can lead to data leakage from the company and its eventual bankruptcy…

Being a banker, I am enrolled in regular online payment operations, both in my office & during my frequent business traveling worldwide. I deal with daily transfer reports involving significant sums, that’s why it’s vital to take adequate care of information security.

I know that invisible hackers work behind the scene all the time and can steal your credit card numbers, electronic signatures, payments data, confidential information on rivals, transactions details, etc.

Even governmental agencies are not insured against such troubles. I recollect the notorious international scandal involving unauthorized leakage of classified information by a computer professional Edward Snowden. I understand that proper online protection of my clients’ private data & details of my company’s financial transactions is my top priority.

Oftentimes, advanced users choose Bitcoin, one of the most secure methods of online banking. This cash equivalent surpasses other payment methods in the way of anonymity.

If you worry about your privacy while making online payments, you can select Bitcoin and enhance your security with anonymous browsing in addition (by the way, the advent & rise of anonymous crypto-currencies has brought a new development into the world – the so-called ZCoin).

Some of my clients prefer resorting to PayPal services rather than carrying cash while abroad. Just picture this (the worst case scenario, but it’s better to be warned in advance!):

You travel abroad & attempt to login from an international Internet connection, say, at an airport. On arrival, you discover that you are locked out of your account. You are left stranded in a foreign country without access to your funds, while the only thing you had to do in the airport was to simulate your home region using VPN!

As for my own Internet connection, it’s absolutely secured while travelling abroad & I can easily get access to any sites without any geo-restrictions. I’m going to discover this small secret to you, my friends!

Need absolute privacy? Use VPN!

As for your payments privacy, Privatoria thought it out. Besides traditional methods (PayPal accounts & debit/credit cards with your name & other private details that, unfortunately, can be disclosed in the unsolicited manner), Privatoria services can be paid for by Bitcoin currency, absolutely anonymously! With Bitcoin crypto-currency, you can pay for VPN protection from Privatoria from any place in the world, easily & safely!

As for business values, Privatoria advocates free & open Internet for everyone, free access to online resources, and online freedom of speech.


The mission of being secure online is absolutely accomplishable via 7-day free trial service (VPN+Tor) from Privatoria!

You can calculate financial advantages for yourself!


You must teach yourself to practice online hygiene every day the same way you use toothbrush, antibacterial napkins or preventive pills for your physical health!



About the Author

Margarita Vitiuk, Digital citizen, who is interested in informational technologies, their development and forecasting. Currently COO at Privatoria s.r.o. trying to help myself and other individuals to protect themselves online