How to Protect Your Smartphone From Scratches

Smart phones are not bought every day, as they cost a lot; therefore it is necessary to take good care of them. Although the smart phone manufacturing companies make sure that they offer the best and the most durable devices to their customers, there are certain things that you need to do at your end to keep them out of harms way.  Most of the smart phone owners complain about getting scratches on their phones. This is easy to understand as most of us use our smart phones roughly. We do not take proper care of them while putting them on flat surfaces, while putting them in and taking out from the  pocket,  and  give  them  to  the  kids  to play  with them.  It is only by proper care and maintenance that you can keep your smart phone scratch less and looking new for many years to come.


Following are some of the ways to protect smart phones from scratches

  •  Any time you want to use your smart phone try to use it with gentle strokes, do not try to use sharp material on the surface such as your finger nails, pen, pencil, or anything hard.
  •  Anytime  you  want  to  put  your  smart  phone  in  your  pocket,  make  sure  that  it  is empty or it does not contain any sharp objects, such as keys, or nails.
  •  Anytime you want to put your smart phone on a flat surface, make sure that it is dust free, and try to put your phone bottom down.

You can protect your smart phone from scratches by putting it in a case made up of soft material or covering the screen with a screen protector.  I myself used to use a Screen Protector which I bought through Amazon for my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Though it may cost some dollars, it is a worthy investment.

Try  to  protect  your  smart  phone  from  direct  sunlight  and extreme  weather conditions.

Apart from Screen Protectors there are so many smartphone accessories where you can use to protect your smartphone from scratches and harmful damages, thus Back covers, Separate Housings, etc.

There are so many advantages in protecting your smartphone from scratches. In my experience if you are to sell your used smartphone, one of the main fact that the buyer would consider is the amount of scratches. Less scratches means you can add more value to the device. And also if you are being smart and stylish, a scratch-full smartphone would not suit you in any way. How ever the smartphone is yours and you have to take care of it well.