How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow

Android has now turned out to be one of the major mobile platforms to lots of Smartphone users. And the latest versions of Android are highly advantageous not only for the personal use but also for the corporate purposes. However, two Android versions that have become popular to the users are- Marshmallow and Lollipop. Marshmallow is the 6th Android OS version. Nowadays, lots of users have tried to make an update of Lollipop OS to have the new Marshmallow version.

Here is the presentation with steps for updating Lollipop in order to install the newer version- Marshmallow. Before choosing any process, you should plan for backing up Android device to computer. This will prevent you from the loss of data. You can use any tool for the backup.

Factory image – For updating the OS of the device-

Download Android SDK and then install it rightly

How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow1

Go to Settings in order to turn on USB debugging option

How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow2

Then start downloading factory image (on Windows PC). Link your PC and Android with the use of USB

How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow3

Click on the right button for booting the device

Open command box and install the essential OS

Lock in the boot loader of your mobile in order to ensure security

Use OTA for updating the Android OS-

While the mobile brand has given you the opportunity to avail Marshmallow, you may upgrade the system to this OS with the use of OTA. It is very easy to make OTA updating with some steps-

How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow4

How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow5

  • Click on Settings options from the mobile
  • You will get the option About the device
  • You can check out the new Android version for software update
  • Remember that it is essential to upgrade the mobile to the latest Lollipop version. And this will help you to have Marshmallow. You should run Android version 5.1 for updating Marshmallow
  • Reset the phone while you have considered the downloading process. Then, install Marshmallow OS on the device

Other alternatives for updating the mobile –

How To Upgrade Your Android Device from Lollipop To Marshmallow6

Visit Playstore of your device in order to download the app- App Ops. It is an application, which allows management of software permissions. This option is easily applicable for Android version 0.5, and there is no need of rooting. However, for 4.4 or any other version, rooting is essential.

Here is some of the reasons for which many Android users prefer Marshmallow.

Battery life gets a boost –

Enhancement of battery life is perhaps the major attraction to most of the users, who like to update their mobile to Marshmallow. There is a new feature- Doze that allows the apps and device automatically in sleeping while you are not operating them. It has a significant power for doubling the battery life of the device. Marshmallow has allowed wonderful boost of the battery life. While the present Lollipop device has started to consume much amount of battery power, you should install Marshmallow.

Improved and stronger security –

Almost all mobile users have concerns on the security of their data. With the update of your device to Marshmallow, you may have better level of security. There are many issues of security in the Android mobiles. However, with Marshmallow update, you cannot find that all those issues have been solved. Latest Marshmallow version not only allows better permission but also a support to the fingerprint for superior security level.

Choose Marshmallow for solving issues –

As one of the Lollipop users, if you are not able to solve your intricacies, you may need to think of using Android Marshmallow. Marshmallow is available with solutions of different problems. Many users have noticed that their change log option is not settling the issues. However, this update can do the work flawlessly. Without replacing the device, you can better try out the features, offered by Marshmallow.

Easier task management –

If you have chosen Marshmallow, you will be able to manage the tasks in the best way.  The unique way in which it displays the present stats is incredible. In the Playstore, you can find several apps, like Task Manager, and they are able to check application.