Improve Your Viewing Experience With These 5 Great Ideas

The home entertainment system has certainly come a long way since the advent of the black and white television. With computers and ingenious smart phones now also playing their part, there are a whole heap of ways you can now enjoy watching films and TV programmes.

With technology moving on so fast, it can be hard to know if your viewing experience can be increased any more but here at Master AV Services, we want to make sure you have the ultimate experience – every time!

Tip 1: Upgrade your speakers

Any home entertainment system benefits enormously from surround sound and so if your speakers are not giving you this option, then take a serious look at upgrading them. However, there is another option if finances will not investment in a whole system or you do not like the idea of having speakers dotted around the room – a sound bar for far less money can effectively throw sound around a room far better than the speakers within the TV.

Tip 2: Upgrade the TV

For some, this may a step too far for the budget but if you are thinking of improving your home entertainment viewing experience, we strong advise taking time and effort to look for the best TV on the market, within your price range. Some people believe that modern projectors provide a better picture reproduction, whilst other swear by the latest HD technology TVs. The choice is yours but whichever you plump for, you won’t regret it!

Tip 3: Exercise viewing control

What we watch and when we watch it has never been for flexible, but it is amazing the number of people who do not control the programmes they view. The early days of TV in the UK meant 3 channels at most, all of which stopped transmitting at 10pm on a week-day. Now, we have constant, 24 hour TV from all over the world so take advantage and watch what you want to, when you feel you want to. You can do this through various satellite viewing providers, cable etc.

Tip 4: Check your smart phone

Android and iphone users can access thousands and thousands of apps for virtually anything and the more sophisticated smart phone, with the necessary firmware can also now control and download a great viewing experience. Modern day projectors, for example, can now be linked and controlled by a smart phone. You can access the latest TV listing, remind yourself to watch or ‘record’ something and is a great way of harmonising your technology.

Tip 5: Call in the home entertainment system specialists

Working within the industry, we know how quickly the technology changes and that even the most ardent techies need help to set-up more complex systems; after all, many people have a variety of hardware now connect to their TV so that their viewing in enhanced.

Or what about getting one remote to control all pieces of equipment…? There is so much to take advantage of to create an amazing viewing experience!

Your guest was author was Steve Bateman, founder of Master AV Services with a wealth of knowledge in TV and AV installation and keen blogger.