iOS Simulator – The Weapon of iOS Developers

Apple is a giant in today’s market. It has one of the largest customer bases in the world when it comes to communication devices and computers. Some of the best product innovation in the world has come out from the creative juices flowing within this company and its workers.

Apple is not only known for its great innovative designs on its products but also for some of the great software that it makes as part of its operating system called the iOS. This operating system is quite famous for its agile functionality that it garners Apples products with.


Smart phones cannot carry out all of functions on their own; they require some external help after all to improve upon some of the aspects of their functionality. This help is provided by applications that are developed by third party developers. These apps are developed to fulfill a specific task or function. They are usually quite good at the task they are designated for.

Applications: There are professionals called app developers who specialize in creating apps for iOS based devices. These apps are developed solely for the iOS. The versions for other operating systems are developed by other companies and developers. The companies that develop apps for iOS need a certain prototype of the iOS interface. This is provided to them with the help of a program called the iOS Simulator. It mimics the interface of the iOS on various Apple devices.

Simulator: The developers use the Simulator to their advantage and constantly test the new features added by them to their apps.  The apps that the developers produce are all the more good because the developers have a platform to test out their app in the iOS interface virtually.

The simulator also offers virtual safari interface to app developers. They can test the various permutations and combinations of their app along with the interface of safari and its basic functions. Various combinations of devices and software versions exist. Each combination thus formed is considered its own simulation environment. It has its own bunch of files and settings. These files and settings exist on every device you test in the simulation.


Because of the iOS simulator you can figure out major problems in your app design during early testing. You can use tools to test your app. These tools are available on the Simulator app. The Simulator app is really a big boon to the whole developer community because it gives them a cheap option of testing their apps before release on the Apple app store. These apps can be fine tuned using this customized Simulator created specifically for the task of testing new apps during their development process. The tools that it offers have amazing range and are capable of fulfilling your needs and wants with regards to the legitimacy of your app.

Using the iOS Simulator has become common practice amongst iOS developers. These developers rely quite heavily on the Simulator to help develop their apps and other software intended for release on any Apple device.