Make the Best Use of Technology to Run a More Productive Warehouse

Being productive is one of the essential goals of any kind and volume of business and running a warehouse is no exception. Not only that, if a warehouse is not run in a productive way, all other business components consequentially suffer and this is why efforts are constantly being made to improve the warehouse productivity. Nowadays, the largest focus is being put on making the best use of the technology available. This is what you should pay special attention to in order to make it happen.


Direct communication

A functional warehouse is attainable in practice only if those who operate it are in constant real time communication with the company headquarters. Yes, emails would suffice in the majority of cases, that is, when everything is going according to the plan. However, it is those situations when things are out of the ordinary that matter in the end when it comes to overall productivity. Therefore, invest in a reliable system that will allow uninterrupted communication whenever needed, be it radio or smartphones, for example. The only thing that really matters is that it can be used consistently by all departments.


Having an efficient reception of materials is one of the fundamentals for running a productive warehouse. The more individuals are involved in handling the materials the less the system is efficient. Inbound processing and the use of proper Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will enable a single person to handle the reception of materials and inventory. This will clearly increase the warehouse productivity and provide other benefits, as well.

Mobile storage

It is Friday afternoon and all you can think about is that the weekend is finally here and you will be able to recuperate from a busy week and get back to work fresh and eager on Monday. But, all of a sudden, you are informed that a fresh load of goods that needs to be stored is about to arrive. On top of that, it needs to go on Monday. A lot of work, just because it is weekend time and you cannot ship the goods immediately. Luckily, it does not have to end like this anymore. Mobile storage presents a convenient and highly useful solution for all problematic situations. Have your goods professionally unloaded, stored and even delivered whenever you require.


Stock picking

Another important link in the warehouse productivity chain is the way the stocks are picked before the transfer. An ad hoc approach often leads to mistakes which cause multiple delays since the wrong stock needs to be returned to its designated place first and only then the right one picked, that is if another mistake does not happen immediately. To prevent this from happening, opting for one of the reliable warehouse stock picking methods is strongly advisable.

Intelligent lighting

None of the above is possible without quality lighting throughout the warehouse. Insufficient lighting is one of the leading causes of warehouse operation inaccuracies and safety issues. The fact that there are poorly lit and dimmed spaces nowadays when there are so many highly customizable warehouse lighting solutions available is simply shocking. Not only will every single one of them improve the productivity of the warehouse, it will significantly lower the chances of accidents and the energy consumption. Do they need any further recommendation?

Yes, improving the productivity of a warehouse is a continual process. Every single segment of the warehouse operation matters in the end and it takes dedication and attention to every detail to achieve the results. Still, as technology is constantly being improved, staying on top of things by quickly familiarizing with the innovations and implementing them as soon as possible where they are needed the most guaranties a constant rise of productivity.