Means of Transport to Expect in The Future

Imagining the modern world would be impossible without the current-gen vehicles. Much like the present, trying to picture the world of tomorrow is mostly focused on innovative vehicles. Think sci-fi movies, for example – flying cars are probably the first thing that comes to mind. In this article, we will discuss the future of personal transportation in terms of how close we actually are to the technology of tomorrow.

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Let’s start off with the sci-fi movies’ favourite – the flying car. From Blade Runner to The Fifth Element, movie directors have been really excited about using these imaginative leaps into the future to bring fun to screens. Although, admittedly, mankind is pretty far from mainstreaming this kind of technology anytime soon, even though the technology is actually here!

The questions of how loud this type of a vehicle will be, how difficult would it be to operate it, and who would regulate the air traffic laws, remain unanswered.

We are in no way close to skies full of flying cars, but think about how awesome the world would be without the rush hour! Food for thought.


What’s closest to flying? Well, hovering, naturally – it is basically flying without the actual thrill of flying. Although this may sound less than exciting, think Back to the Future – who didn’t want to do all those nifty tricks on a hoverboard.

You’ll be happy to learn that airboards actually do exist. This toy, unfortunately, is quite expensive to be regarded as one. The reasons behind why are Arbortech AirBoards costing $14,000 lie in the fact that the experts had to figure out the way to put a huge hovercraft engine into an object smaller than 2 meters in diameter.

Although the price is steep, with this clever invention, you will get to feel like you are riding a loud jet engine, albeit at 20 mph.

If the $14,000 is too much for you, and yet you want to experience an innovative way of transport, check out hoverboard Segway – the battery can cover as much as 20 kilometres on a single run and takes as little as 2-3 hours to recharge.

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Go Light

The most likely future to expect, however, is likely going to be quite light. We are talking here , of course, about weight – the reason why all the huge cars will make you cough up a whole lot of money even after the purchase is that these are simply too heavy.

Not only is gas expensive and harmful to the environment, but is also in deficiency – more difficult to obtain with each passing day.

The future of the car, therefore, is likely going to be in making the vehicles lighter, which is also beneficial for electricity-based vehicles – the lighter this type of a vehicle is, the easier it will be for the electric engine to move it.

Although people have yet to recognize the importance of paying tribute to the environment, they definitely recognize the importance of being pocket-conscious, so going light is the way to go.

Additionally, there are some lightweight car concepts that truly look amazing, contrary to the popular belief.

On that note, a lightweight, electric vehicle is likely to be and hopefully will be the car of the future!

Some of the outlined concepts truly are hard to imagine happening anytime soon, but keep in mind that this article focuses on the short-term, as well as the distant future. We can’t know for sure what to expect, but you have to admit that some of these concepts truly sound remarkable!