Mobile Messaging: New Trend in Call Center for Customer Services

There is a vital range of people who use cell phone as an addiction, approximately each and every dealing is done through messaging. Then why not business can be done on mobile messaging? Yes! It can be and it can be done more effectively with less use of money and time.

The development of Chat Bots for client services is clearly a technical accomplishment. Whereas electronic messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook traveler were once supposed for private communication. They need currently become the last word channels for fast, efficient, and personalized client engagement.

With the advancements created in decision and make contact with center computer code solutions. Businesses are gaining a lot of and a lot of channels of communication to achieve out.


Or permit customers reach move into no matter method is most convenient for them at any time, from any device. With email, live net chat and even video support the new norms, it absolutely was solely a matter of your time till it all crept into our electronic messaging apps.

Here, let me explain the benefits of mobile messaging in contact centers for customer service, in my words.

Break the Limits of Time and Place:

One of the foremost fascinating options of texting a business is that it provides customers privacy whereas they get service on the go. Text lets customers reach out once voice calls simply aren’t attainable.

As an example, text is handy whereas commuting to figure on a busy subway, or awaiting a table at a loud organization. Businesses that supply text messaging communication for client service say it sets them apart by adding convenience for his or her customers.

For messaging a client you do not have any specific place to go, you just only open your mobile messaging app, type the message and send to your customers. You can connect with them at any time of a day and he or she can reply you when he or she feel free.

Cost Effective:

Messaging to customers is such a dramatic cost reducing way to connect with your customers in a perfect way. Texting can reduce up to 40% reduction in the cost of the company.

This is as a result of texting provides the chance for agents to serve over one client at a time, saving your company time and cash. The favored 2-way text messaging client service platform, reports that its agents will at the same time support 3 to 5 customers in active discussions.

With every text message being restricted to a hundred and sixty characters, conversations area unit fast, queries area unit to the purpose and replies may be unbroken short. Permitting customers to reply once it’s convenient for them, adds a level of service that habitual call center phone lines don’t offer.

Generate Profits:

Experts at Harvard Business Review agree that there is a range of how contact centers will facilitate to generate revenue for your company. Foremost is that the most repetitive arriving support queries are the most obvious places for product/service improvement in your business.

Eliminate the necessity to call, improve the stock. Support has long been an admirer to the sales method. In on-line retail abandonment may be a drawback which will be shortened with a fast question to client service.

Once service is offered through digital channels like text, marketing rejection will reduced. Lastly, high-level client service will inform of product features, upgrades and expansions which will solve client issues.


Text electronic messaging as a client service channel provides your customers freedom. The liberty from phone lines, freedom to multitask and freedom to travel on with their day, whereas still obtaining wonderful service.

As client service expectations increase, corporations are clutches SMS as a channel to move with customers that text electronic messaging is over a price savings to contact centers. It’s additionally a productive manner for contact centers to come up with revenue for business.

By 2020, client expertise can overtake worth and product because the key complete human, thus flourishing corporations ought to begin making a simple and convenient surroundings for his or her customers.