New Technology and Home Security – Keeping You Safe

Technology influences every aspect of our lives these days – from communicating with other people to doing our jobs; from having new gadgets in our homes to driving more advanced vehicles that are much safer. When it comes to home security, technology has definitely made huge strides and it has made our homes safer than ever before. That is exactly what we will be looking at today – all the ways in which technology has changed home security.

Locks do not need keys anymore

In the old days, locks used to differ only in the physical features that they included in order to offer more or less security to doors and windows. Over the years, however, we have seen new, high-tech locks being introduced, all offering something different.

For instance, these days you have keypad locks that have a numeric pad where you type in a password and the doors lock or unlock. Furthermore, you have biometric locks which read the fingerprints and allow you to enter the home without any troubles. Smartphone-operated locks are another type of high-tech locks that are used these days. These locks are operated via the smartphone, allowing you to lock and unlock them remotely using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, depending on how far they are from you.

Another feature that many modern locks have is the camera which takes pictures of people who try and unlock the door. This is a particularly useful feature if you are worried someone might be trying to gain access to your home.

New Technology and Home Security – Keeping you Safe

Video surveillance is still the king

You do not need to go too far in the past to remember the times when video surveillance was possible only for big businesses and extremely rich people who could afford it. One of the best things about technology is that it gets cheaper over time and that is exactly what has brought video surveillance systems to the masses, so to say. Namely, these days, a video surveillance system with high-quality cameras, hard drives where the footage is stored and everything else is affordable to the average family.

Smartphones do everything

One of the more obvious ways in which technology has changed home security is the increased role of smartphones in today’s security systems. We have already mentioned smartphone-operated smart locks. Smartphones are also used to monitor and control alarm systems, as well as video surveillance in your home. For instance, if you are away from home, you can use an app to see what is going on in your house. Smartphone home security apps are truly revolutionizing the way we see and handle home security.

Alarm systems are becoming better

Alarm systems have been with us for years, but if we are being perfectly honest, they are only now becoming really useful and practical. In the past, you often had to deal with false alarms which negated the whole point of having an alarm system. They were also quite easy to beat for burglars. In addition to this, the better ones were not really that affordable.

Today, we have an entirely different situation. For one, alarm systems are much more sensitive in the sense that false alarms are much less frequent. Also, thanks to alternative power sources and wireless technology, they are much more difficult to disable. Finally, their prices have also dropped, allowing an average household to be able to afford a more than a decent alarm system.

Don’t forget about business security either

We have been covering home security systems, but we believe we should also say a thing or two about business security and how technology is changing this field as well. For example, you can nowadays install systems that use access cards and which ensure that only your employees can gain access to different areas of your business. These access cards can also be used to access computer systems as well as to monitor employees’ business costs. Of course, everything we have mentioned for home security works for business security as well, with the only difference that you will most probably be using more expensive and even better security systems for your business.

Closing word

It is definitely safe to say that technology is having a huge influence on home and business security. It is also becoming cheaper, which further increases its role and its future role. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.