Protect Your Information Online

Protecting your information online is something that every company needs to do. Whether you want to protect it from malicious employees, or simply want peace of mind, finding the best way to keep your private information secure should be at the forefront of every company’s security plan. If you are searching for ways to keep your information secure, there are a few steps that you can take to add levels of security.


The first, and possibly most simple, thing you can do to enhance security is to ensure that proper identification and passwords are used on all computers. It seems so simple, yet many problems can be traced back to not having proper credentials. Make sure that employees use their own login, especially on shared computers. It is also a good idea to remind them that their passwords are to be confidential and to not share them with anyone else. You will also want to have your IT team set office computers to fall asleep after a short time of inactivity and require a password to log back in. This won’t prevent mistakes from happening, but with more strict adherence to passwords and logins, the damage can be kept to a minimum.

Another great way to keep your information secure is to upload it to the cloud. This can be done using a service like Carbonite, or by having your IT team set up their own cloud based system. The cloud is a great way to backup information because you don’t have to worry about hard drive crashes. When a hard drive crashes (and they always seem to crash) you have to worry about trying to piece back together the information you can recover. With the cloud, all you have to do is go to your backed up files and you’ll be back on track in no time. This will save you countless hours of work if a hard drive ever fails you. You can also restrict access to the cloud so only those with permission can see your files.

Security for technology is important for every company. As businesses proceed to do more with technology, the level of access that goes with will be more important. A few common sense steps can go a long way towards securing your information from those that you do not want to have it.