Revolutionary Role of Cloud in Modern Business

Business productivity has long been considered a blend of efficient organization and knowledgeable workforce. However, the fast growth of the Internet added another variable to that formula. Moreover, the development of the cloud made the whole formula pretty complex, now depending on all four variables that are the pillars of modern business: organization, educated employees, the online environment and cloud services. As it seems today, the latter one is completely revolutionizing the way we deal with business today thanks to its numerous roles.


Source of information

The cloud and the digital world in general have become an important source of information that every business can benefit from. No matter if it is digital media, used for accessing different information valid for your business or digital collections of data important to for reaching your business goals, the cloud is already used on many different levels. More often than not, people are not even aware that they are working in the cloud; for instance, when they keep their data on Google Drive or post their photos to social networks or any other similar online storage place.

User-friendly online data storage

Large business systems demand a lot of storage space to host the content they create. Imagine how many hard drives a multinational company needs to have in order to safely store every single bit of information created by its workers. Of course, today you are not expected to fill your computers with large-memory hard disks, but you can simply turn to the cloud and have all your data kept on one online drive.

Newcomers to the cloud often express suspicion in the level of safety when it comes to data storage. Providers, on the other hand, make enormous efforts to ensure that all the data on the cloud are secured by several layers of protection and cloud data encryption.


All-round affordability

Businesses that replace their traditional work with cloud services see significant savings in terms of their infrastructure and workforce budget.

Firstly, they can count on virtual servers, ensured and protected by cloud service providers. When you know that your business data and online services are in the safe hands of cloud professionals, you can commit yourself completely to your business goals and decisions.

Secondly, cloud computing applied in business can also save a large amount of assets in terms of your employees. Better work organization and accelerated work process contribute to lower expenses for every employer that uses cloud services. In addition, the relationship between the cloud and outsourcing is becoming a more competitive one, which also opens different opportunities for reducing business costs.

A la carte service payment

The cloud does not only bring dozens of different services for business use, but it also offers its clients a wide range of ways to use those services. For instance, let’s say that you do not want to buy an antivirus program. It is not a problem anymore, since now you can use an antivirus directly from the cloud. However, it is recommended that this option is accompanied by an additional free antivirus, installed on your PC.

In accordance with this example, any software tool your might need for your business can be used from the cloud. That way you pay only for the time you will be using that tool. This amazingly practical feature of the cloud is called scalability and it can also be applied on the data storage space. For example, one week you can use 1TB of cloud space and another week it might be less or more space, depending on the size of your data.


Widely accessible solutions

What makes the cloud so unique, apart from its scalability, adaptability and cost-effectiveness, is also its quality to be available on many different platforms, thanks to cloud-based apps. For instance, you are in your office, using Linux to create some content that is going to be stored in the cloud. Then you come home and want to access that same content from a Windows computer. After that, you go out with your friends and decide to change those same data on your iPad. If you need an all-round option to cover  such business needs, visit and their cloud app score system. Such providers enable their users to create and access their cloud data from different operating systems and devices, which is an immense advantage of cloud-enhanced business functionality.

The introduction of the broadband Internet was one of the pivotal points in the technological development of the world. However, now it seems that it was only the beginning of an era of incredible IT solutions for individuals and businesses. The development of cloud is only a sequel and a new phase in the domination of the Internet in every single bit of our lives.


Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.