Seven Ingenious Mobile Games Which You Can Play With One Hand

Most people have to commute long distance frequently to reach offices, institutes or business places. If you are one of them, then most of the time you have just one hand available to keep your mind entertain at that time, as one hand is usually busy in gripping the pole of a subway. Now you don’t need to be fret in this situation, there are some serious pixel posing mobile games available to entertain you through the commute. Check out below, and download for full fun.

Alto’s Adventure


Alto’s Adventure is very addictive and gorgeous game, which offer snowboarding in a state of Zen over a calm soundtrack and fluid visuals.

Blocky Raider


Do you Remember Frogger of Arcade game? Blocky Raider offers a classic game of slick Indiana Jones skin with new imaginative obstacle courses.

Monument Valley


Monument Valley has won a Webby award and generated lot of hype, if you are a fan of puzzle games, then you must play it.

The Path to Luma


Branded games usually have a much expectation but sometimes they just provide satisfying experiences, but the Path to Luma is an exceptional mobile game by Phosphor Studios, which also developed the epic Horn and NRG Energy. This game delivers outstanding graphics, imaginative puzzles, and memorable mechanics.



Sometimes a game offers more than just a game, Prune is one of such games. It is designed intuitively and provides breathtaking one-finger-only experience, and you are not require to use another finger during a rush-hour commute to experience this game.

Ridiculous Fishing


This is a genuine fishing game and it’s a real funny, which makes you completely turned off in to the fishing world. This game is infinitely satisfying and truly addictive.

You Must Build a Boat


This is a puzzle hybrid, a role playing game which actually nothing much to do with building a boat. Though, it have many things to do which engage you in its bizarre, 8-bit world of maps, beasts, matching and much more. Game app development companies are creating amazing games to entertain users in a way they were never before, and these games are the amazing addition in that list.