Create and Deliver Exceptional Presentations With PowerPoint Templates

Designing and delivering presentations require times. There are some high productivity resources out there, like SlideModel, that can help you and your business to succeed and be more productive when creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.


Here we will review It is a subscription-based website offering thousands of presentation templates and slide designs to succeed with your presentations. Their catalog of presentation templates is one of the largest ones, containing awesome graphics for PowerPoint, diagrams, layouts, complete themes and PowerPoint backgrounds.

Their presentations are provided as .pptx files and can be easily edited to prepare a final presentation with little effort and no requiring design skills. The templates provided by are fully compatible with the most recent versions of Microsoft Office, but also with other popular tools like Google Slides, Keynote or OpenOffice.


The catalog of templates combines the highest quality in the market plus a high level of creativity to help presenters deliver presentations with visually appealing content.

Using the presenter can save a lot of valuable time while creating and delivering a presentation. Their presentation templates are fully editable in Microsoft PowerPoint as the content is provided with editable text placeholders or color palettes. Furthermore, manipulating objects and shapes in PowerPoint is very easy and the user can customize the graphics by changing the shape properties. The illustrations and PowerPoint graphics are created with built-in shapes as vectors. This way, the user can easily adapt the graphics and customize the objects in PowerPoint to match the presenter’s needs.

The editing capabilities are one of the key differentiators. This enables endless opportunities to presenters having tight deadlines helping them to save time.

What are the key features?

  • There are more than 12k PowerPoint templates available.

  • The catalog is frequently updated and new content is added on weekly basis.

  • Many different plans are available.

  • Annual Unlimited plans allow to save content directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Presentation templates compatible with major presentation tools and versions.

The site is organized by categories and tags. Most of the PowerPoint backgrounds & templates available in the site are business oriented, but it is possible to reuse most of the PowerPoint templates and graphics in almost any presentation, regardless of the purpose of the presentation or content to be presented. Given said this, the designer who uses can combine graphics from different slides and make a final slide from different objects.

Whether you need to present your content marketing slides, a SWOT analysis, SMART goals slide, any complex business diagram or just a nice presentation to impress your audience, SlideModel has a template for you.

To experience the quality and effectiveness of the site, we downloaded a few technology PowerPoint templates and after opening them in PowerPoint with confirmed the slides can be edited very easily. The user can select the shapes and the apply any desired format. For instance, it is possible to edit shape properties such as border color, fill color, shadows, 3D options and other special effects.

Since the slides are completely customizable, the templates can be used in a variety of presentation topics and purposes. End user does not need to know special design skills or be an advanced Microsoft Office user to edit the templates. Just using drag and drop, copy and paste and mouse clicks, the slides can be customized easily. Then, the user just need to focus on the presentation content and to rehearse the speech.


SlideModel have helped thousands of presenters to create impressive slide decks. Either for business or educational purposes, the team behind SlideModel is always ready to help their users. If for any reason a template is not available in the gallery you can suggest the team to create it and while this is not guaranteed I do have evidence they created it most of the times.

Next time you need to create presentations consider using the templates and ideas provided by SlideModel to optimize the presentation design process and impress your audience.