Social Networks And The Impact They Have on Education

Impact of social networks:

The lives of every human being have been altered by technology in one way or the other. Nothing had ever changed the lives of human beings so drastically like the internet before and it’s highly likely that there won’t be another invention so great that will cast a more striking change in the lifestyle of the human beings. Through the use of the internet we have won so many battles that we used to lose easily in the past and for this reason, if we thank the scientists that made this possible, all our lives, still it won’t be enough. There are so many things that we never even could dream of doing 10 years back, but now they are just a smart phone click away. Social networks have been one of the greatest and if not that, most certainly the biggest thing that ever happened to us over the internet. Nobody could have thought of having an online existence before the advent of social networks and it was most certainly an idea that changed the destiny of how things were used to being done. People now care about how they look online more than they care about their real life. This is something that we probably shouldn’t be proud of saying, but it doesn’t make it any less true. The lives of students have been altered the most by the excessive use of social networks. They were supposed to be a medium for easy communication between the people that we cared about and us, but as they say: excess of everything ends up being bad for us. The tragedy there is that there isn’t any productive thing associated with the usage that might be benefiting us, but still we are naïve enough to waste our time. Let’s then discuss some of the key points raised by people that are worried about the impact social networks are having on our students:

Mark Pearson  with journalism students trying media law using twitter.


First things first, once you start using the internet, you are exposed to almost everything and anything out there. There is nothing that remains concealed from you and as a teenager who can’t really think right most of the time, this is something that the parents won’t want or at-least shouldn’t want.

Use in classrooms:

Students don’t attend classrooms happily, but because they have to do it and smartphones aren’t banned, they have the tendency to surf all the while the teacher is trying to deliver a lecture. This is a very common practice and again is something very undesirable.


Bullying in the olden days used to be about cornering a weak student and teasing them till they cried, as mentioned in the article hosted at Get Homework Online, that does sound like an unlikely thing to do these days with security cameras everywhere, but because of the excessive use of social networks and the ease with which you can create fake profiles, bullying has been redefined to mocking someone online in some way. Deaths have also been recorded of the students that just couldn’t take the social beating anymore.

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