Technologies That Enable Safe Driving

The advantages that technology offers should be used to their maximum potential, especially in the areas where our safety is at stake, such as driving. The number of car accidents can be decreased, since there are many technological advances that can contribute to our safety on the road. However, in order to equip your cars with some innovative devices that will ensure your safety, you need to familiarize yourself with the benefits and gadgets that technology offers. These will make you feel safe and, therefore, help you concentrate completely on the road.

Technologies that Enable Safe Driving1

Car-Stopping Airbags

Car safety technologies have the aim to prevent car accidents from happening altogether. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been achieved yet, but consequences of many accidents have been mitigated and serious injuries have been avoided thanks to airbags. Therefore, there have been attempts of developing airbags that would stop cars in the case of an accident. These airbags are a part of the safety system and they are used in some existing vehicles, although they’re still in development.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Wouldn’t it be easier to concentrate fully on your driving if you didn’t have to pay attention to a billion of happenings around you, by yourself? This might be possible with augmented reality dashboards, which will, provide you with vital information during your driving. There are already examples of modern cars that have a display implemented on their windshield. Augmented reality dashboards are the next step in technological advances, when it comes to car safety – they will be able to perform object identification and inform a driver about the distance between their car and the object. Moreover, these dashboards will provide drivers with detailed outline of the route they need to take and with instructions about how to get to their destination.


Analysing accidents that have already occurred can provide vital information that can be used to prevent other accidents from happening in the future. One way to achieve this is by equipping your car with cameras that will record what’s happening on the road – not only within the car, but around it, as well. Action cameras have been around for some time now. Cameras inside of every police vehicle in the U.S. are court-admissible evidence of what takes place on the road. Nowadays, these devices have been mainstreamed, so equipping your car with one is the smart way to go. GoPro Hero action camera is a great choice – featuring 1080p30 and 720p60 recording capabilities, this gadget is waterproof, equipped with many useful features and able to take 5MP photos with a frame rate of up to 5 frames per second.

Technologies that Enable Safe Driving2

Cars that Drive on Their Own

Google engineers have begun testing self-driving car technology. They have already tested it for more than 200,000 miles in Nevada and California. This vehicle is capable of recognizing traffic lights, recording images on the road, as well as of viewing road signs and even finding alternative routes. Able to calculate information faster than any human, these vehicles might become a thing of the future, rather than a mere idea from Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report”.

It is true, some of the mentioned technologies are nowhere near becoming a real thing – however, some of the mentioned concepts aren’t all-that unimaginable in the near future. Keep these in mind and stay tuned for future updates on the car technologies of the future – you never know when a concept might become a reality.