The Future of Television

Since it first came out in the last century, television was on a constant rise. It became the center of everyone’s attention and the most powerful source of entertainment and advertising. Soon, the Internet took over with its global reach, yet television still remained, and is still being watched every day. Everything is evolving, and so is the television. Who knows what will they turn into in the next 20 or 30 years. If you are interested in finding out what destiny awaits the Television, keep reading because below is a list of some interesting things concerning the topic.


More video

We have all heard about Netflix and their powerful and global presence. The network has earned billions of dollars and is currently the world’s leading video network. Since the new content is being produced every day, we can only assume that, in the future, we will have more video. Actors and actresses will get paid a lot more and the industry will become the richest industry in the world. Sports coverage, news and everything else will be ever-present, and everyone will want to advertise their products or brands via television.

Smartphone optimization

This is something that is already being worked on. Currently, smartphones are being limited to certain types of videos and live streams. However, in the future, it is estimated that everyone with a smartphone will be able to watch content online, just like they can on their TVs. Tablets and other wearable technologies will rise in popularity. Since smartphones are currently at their early stage, their full potential is yet to be unlocked. Soon, users will be able to take VOD (Video on demand) and watch anything from anywhere in the world, using only their smartphones.

More affordable bundles

Since the competition will be fierce to remain at the very top of the industry, many companies and networks will start offering bundles in order to gain more customers and satisfy the needs of current ones. These bundles will be a cheap way of getting you into their “submission”, making you their subscriber and overtaking the market. Of course, this is a double win, for both the company and the viewers; the company gets the money and views while the users get to watch more for less money. At the end of the day, everyone wins.

Network-based antennas

It won’t come as a surprise to see Networks start giving away antennas and personal modem-like software to their users and subscribers. This will become their way of getting personal with the users, allowing them full access to the network’s video database and giving them something they already had, just branded. Those who are already using antennas know how easy it is to reach every channel and watch whatever you like at any time. If you are looking for a TV antenna installation, contact the local service and ask for their services. It won’t be long before you will be able to upgrade to Amazon’s or Netflix’s antenna. Stay put.


Production game has already begun

With the stakeholders fighting among ownership and the audience demanding new and different type of content every day, it is very hard for dominant networks to stay at the top. It is still not too late to jump into the “ownership game” and purchase some stocks of the network while they are still at a reasonable price. Soon, these prices will jump over the roof, so you might want to find yourself on the winning train.

Television is definitely evolving super-fast. The battle for supremacy has already begun, and the evolution of television is happening as we speak.