The Top Five Apps for Cyclists

Do you love to bike as much as you love your smartphone? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re going to round up the five best mobile apps (for both Android and iOS) that every biker needs to know. So next time you hop on your bike, hop on your phone first and get these hot apps!

Strava – Track Your Ride


After you’ve had an amazing ride, do you ever wish you could retrace your route? Or maybe you’ve got a favorite path, but you’d love to see how quickly you did it this time, as compared to your previous attempts. Or maybe you’re just a fitness hound and you want to see how many calories your burned, hills you climbed, or laps you did.

Well, with Strava, you can do all that and more; it’s not just a route tracking app, it’s a social network of sorts. Connect with other cyclists and athletes the world over, compare your favorite routes, trade tips, and keep challenging yourself to become a better and better rider.

Social Bicycles – Ride Anytime

SoBi on mobile devices

Let’s say it’s a perfect day out, one of those warm and breezy days that are just begging for a beautiful bike ride. But, maybe you already left the house but forgot to take your favorite bicycle with you. Well fear not, with Social Bicycles, your perfect day has been saved!

Social Bicycles is the system that powers a number of bike sharing networks, the growing trend whereby cities put hubs and bikes all around town so you can rent a bike for a few bucks using just your phone, hop on, and then drop it off when you reach your destination. With more and more cities taking part across the globe, you can now have that amazing bike ride wherever you are.

Ready311 – Report Potholes


As much as potholes suck when you’re driving a car, they’re ten time worse when you’re on a bike. They’re not just inconvenient, they’re downright dangerous. If you don’t see the pothole in time to avoid it, you could go careening over your handlebars and seriously hurt yourself! That’s why even the most eagle-eyed rider can be wary of lurking potholes during a night ride.

With Ready311, you can quickly report potholes, and other dangerous issues, to your local municipality. For safety’s sake, you shouldn’t do this while still on your bike, but simply make a mental note of where the pothole was, and log it when you’re done riding. We can’t promise your city will take care of the problem right away, but it’s way better than doing nothing at all!

Bike Gear Calculator – Tune Your Ride


This one is for the bike nerds out there who are constantly trying to optimize every last aspect of their bike. So, if you’ve already invested big money in that carbon fiber frame and ultra light equipment, why not take the time to make sure everything is tuned up as well as can be, using Bike Gear Calculator.

This app lets you put in your tire size, crank length, cadence, and more to determine your best gain ratio, gear ratio, speed, and rotations. With that in mind, you’ll be absolutely destroying hills on your next ride. The only thing to note is that as more and more advanced bicycles come out with NuVinci N360 Drivetrains, worrying about gearing may become a thing of the past.

Dark Sky – Weather Warnings


There’s nothing worse than being out for a ride when, all of a sudden, it starts raining. That’s why most riders try to glance at the weather before heading out. But unfortunately, the stock weather apps on most phones just aren’t that great.

That’s where Dark Sky comes in, an amazingly advanced weather application. It’s slick interface offers you down to the minute predictions, pinpointed to your exact location. Best of all, you can set weather notifications, so that even if you forget to open the app up, you’ll still be warned of upcoming inclement weather. With this app, you’ll never get wet riding again.

So, what’s app do you use the most when you’re biking? Let us know in the comments below!

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