Things About Mirror Hard Drive

Hard drive platters mirrored

Why mirror hard drive?

For years of disk usage, your hard drive may be full of information and a larger one is imperative. Besides, due to computer’s bad performance caused by insufficient space of the old hard drive, a desire for a brand new hard drive with higher efficiency may bear in your mind. To solve both problems, mirroring hard drive is a good idea and choosing SSD as a new storage disk rather HDD again is wise for SSD’s better write\read speed caused by the disk structure. In this way, you will have an identical copy of your original hard drive and there will be no functional difference between. This is so different from backup\restore which creates a disk image and the image backup is not accessible until restoring it. Therefore, before we start to mirror hard drive, let’s figure out how different are them!

Differences between mirror and backup

Mirror hard drive known as clone hard drive is to directly copy a disk, through the operation you will get an identical copy on the cloned drive including the operating system, the hidden directory files, even the physical location, in a word, everything on the original drive is copied identically. You can directly change the old hard drive with the freshly made one and there should no functional difference.

If you don’t need immediate accessibility, a backup is OK. Using backup utility to create a disk image refers to make a snapshot of the drive data, which creates a complete copy of the drive contents and make it a single compressed file. A good part to this, you can create multiple image backups in different time points and save them to the same disk or separate disk so as to protect data multiple times.

Having compared mirror to backup, you may easily make a choice now. Since changing a hard drive is a necessity, the straightforward way is to mirror your hard drive. If a backup for precaution is the only need, backup hard drive is fine. Following we will show you how to clone hard drive.

How to Mirror hard drive?

For mirroring hard drive, a clone software is a must and I’d like to recommend you a free and powerful one – AOMEI Backupper Standard. This software is very convenient and with a easy-to-use interface, most importantly, when you clone hard drive, a direct clone from GPT disk to MBR disk or from MBR to GPT is accessible. Also, you can use it to do a backup\restore job and others so as to satisfy your common need about data security.